September 21st, 2006

One Angry Logan

Expectations are low, folks. So low.

I realized something last night. I'm not excited about Veronica Mars in the way I was S1. When Logan/Veronica stuff started happening in S1, I squeed, I grinned, I was so flippin' thrilled by it. S2 when we finally started getting good stuff (the little we got), I liked it, but I wasn't over the moon. It felt cheap and unearned and it didn't have untempered joy attached to it, because it was obvious that RT wasn't fully onboard with LoVe, because it was obvious (from VD comments) that KB didn't like the pairing and it sadly showed onscreen, because it was clear that Veronica was the the saint in their relationship, and Logan the sinner.

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Arya & Gendry02

HELP! Law and Order

Okay, so I started watching L&O, but am having a terrible time trying to get S2. I don't want to buy it, but the library is taking forever to get S2 and I can't find it anywhere to dl? Any suggestions?