September 20th, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

L./V Wallpaper (New JD/KB promo shot)

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't!

Click on the image below to get to the 1027x768 wallpaper.

Squeee!!! An actual Logan/Veronica promo shot. It's not the bestest ever, it's kinda stiff and air-brushed, she looks pissed and he looks sorta scared, but it's a promo shot. By golly, it's a promo shot!!! So, I couldn't resist.

(Yes, yes, I know I called them "LoVe" which many dislike, but it fit the text, so that's why I used it. I do try to avoid using LoVe in lj. I really do.)

Nip/Tuck (9/19)

Sean is a hypocritical, self-righteous prick. HATE! Everytime I think maybe I don't hate him THAT much, an episode like this comes along and I just want to reach through the screen and slap him. Hard.
Arya & Gendry02

New Fall TV Shows I've watched so far

These are the new ones I've watched so far and my quick opinions of each. There is a very, very slight spoiler for one of the shows but it's aired two eps already, so it should be no biggie.

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip - As my long review showed, I loved this. My favorite so far.

Jericho - But this one is extremely close. I just watched the unaired pilot and WOW! What a bang-up pilot. Fabulous job. (I may write up a long review after it officially premieres. Depends if I have the time.) This was going to be a downloader as it comes on opposite Bones, ANTM and Dancing with the Stars Results, but I'm kinda thinking it may knock out ANTM in the dl dept. But I hate dling reality shows because that is the one area of television I never want to be spoiled on. So, hmm. I'm still pondering, but I'm leaning towards DLing ANTM after all. Which I dl depends on the second episode.

Men in Trees - I wasn't sure after the first episode, but I was smiling and squeeing a bit over the main potential couple after the second episode, so I'm still watching. I don't like the fan, but other than that, I enjoy the show.

Knights of Prosperity - I was really looking forward to this one (again, pre-air) but after about fifteen minutes, I was a little disappointed and I didn't laugh much. However, the last fifteen minutes got me. I don't love, but it was enjoyable enough, so I'll watch it. But it won't be one I DVR, but instead it will be a downloader.

The Class - It had amusing moments and if it was on opposite anything else that would lead to a download, I wouldn't bother, but it's amusing.
One Angry Logan

Question about c/p in lj

Is anyone else have a difficult time highlighting and then copying/pasting stuff when posting in their lj? Not replies, but just the original post? Since yesterday I've had that problem and it's REALLY annoying.