September 10th, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

Operation: Ignore the Bell!

So, I've decided that for my sanity and blood pressure, I'm simply going to stop reading Kristen Bell interviews, stop watching Kristen Bell interviews and attempt to avoid reading discussion of Kristen Bell interviews. Really, she's not worth it.

<-- Pets my pretty icon.

  • She doesn't watch the show.
  • She's not going to change.
  • No one at the CW is clearly going to put an end to her horrific-PR-ways.
  • Rob Thomas is clearly not going to set the record straight for her.
  • Fandom for and against her are not going to change their tune.

    So: Operation: Ignore the Bell.
  • ATttD - Sorry

    Musing on Early VM S1 (Mostly Donut)

    You know I'm watching early S1 VM and I'm remembering that while I never loved him, I DID like Duncan and it's really a shame what RT did to the character. And Teddy Dunn did well with what he was given then, no he's not a great thespian and anything challenging is beyond him, but still I enjoyed Duncan. (Especially in CWCD, MJS, TWoC, RotK and AEFC -- it all seemed to go downhill from there).

    And that's part of my frustration. I liked Duncan. I loved Meg. I really liked Beaver. And all of these characters were destroyed in one way or another, not by the actor, but by their creator. And that's just sad.