September 3rd, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

EW Fall Preview (VM)

I got my Entertainment Weekly in the mail and it's the Fall TV Preview issue (gee, only a week AFTER shows started premiering. Snort!). I'm not quite sure why I haven't seen this on my flist yet, LOL! since the big feature for Tuesday is Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars with a photo of Lauren Graham and Kristen Bell like sitting on a porch with a glass of wine. I must say, KB looks particularly pretty in this shot. As the lead story, even being only half of that lead, it is fairly substantial. There's talk of ratings, critical claim, the 13-episode order, the mystery arc format, Hearst and a general air of "it's make or break time." Hopefully someone will be able to scan it soon enough; it's too long to type, especially for the mood I'm in.

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