August 31st, 2006

Arya & Gendry02

Bones & (A Little Bit of) Justice

Well, my sister sat down and watched my 2nd favorite new show (Bones) from last season's premiere with me (the first being my beloved, cancelled too-soon Killer Instinct). We also watched a bit of the new Victor Garber show, Justice. My thoughts and hers below the cut.

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Totally missed opportunity ... seriously

My sister bought some new coloring books for her young'uns and she was coloring along with them and commented, "Oh, be honest, you've been tempted to buy a coloring book for yourself." And I said, "Man if there was a VM coloring book, I'd be so there." And then I thought, dude, why not!? Why don't they have major fandom related coloring books for adults. Honestly. Imagine, VM, SN, BSG, BtVS, etc. in coloring book form, that would be awesome!! I would so buy them!!!!

I can't be alone here, right? Right?!

Project Runway (So much Michael love)

Thoughts on last night's Project Runway below the cut, but ah, a non-spoiler first. I liked Michael from the first episode, he wasn't my favorite, but he was in my top four, and by the third week he was battling with Kayne for my favorite, but shortly thereafter he just took the spot and I've been loving him (and his designs) ever since. He is just awesome.

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