August 17th, 2006


Whee!!! Vacation-Time for ME!!

I'm heading out to my sister's tomorrow for a two-week vacation! I always go out to see her and her family at least once a year (I would love if it were more and I do want to move out to where she lives because we're super-super-super close. I literally love her more than anyone or anything in the world. She's an inspiration, a gift, a treasure and I really do thank God everyday that he gave me such an awesome big sis!!). This trip is doubly special because my birthday is on Saturday so I'll be able to spend it with family (alas, my baby bro won't be able to attend as he's on the other side of the world) and WOOHOO!! she's about to give birth any second. She's got two boys (gorgeous, wonderful, ahhh! I can't wait to see them) and this will be her first girl and I'm so, so, so excited!!!

Anyhoo, I won't be around as much while gone! Everyone have fun and may someone muzzle a certain cute, blonde actress during the next two weeks so that I don't miss all the drama!!