July 17th, 2006


Kitty-Cat Update

Well, I took Doyle to the vet because he was still gagging all the way through Monday morning. She suggested a food change (I was buying the $8.00 big bag of Walmart brand cat food, but no more. I got the $17.00 Purina One brand now). He got three shots -- one for nausea, one for acid in the tummy and one for fever, because he did have a slight one, the skin of his ears was BRIGHT red!

This is the first time he's been to the vet in ages and he was SOOOO good! I was so, so proud of him. And I always knew he was a big boy (not fat, just big) and yeah, he is 13.9 pounds!!! (They said average weight of cats is 7-8 pounds.) Anyhoo, I found a pic of him that my BFF took and made an icon with it -- see my handsome (albeit looking very pissed) Doyle!!