December 27th, 2005

Arya & Gendry02

FICTION: Out of Order (Logan/Veronica) R/NC-17

Character/Pairing: Veronica, Logan/Veronica
Word Count: 2839
Rating: NC-17 (to be on the safe side)
Summary: Veronica is confused about her feelings for Logan.
Spoilers/Warnings: All of Season 1 and 2 so far (specifically M.A.D. and Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang)
Timeline: Takes place immediately after Christmas break, assume that Veronica and Duncan are over.
Disclaimer: UPN, Warner Bros. Rob Thomas, et al. You know, the usual suspects. They own these characters, not I.
Thanks to: Holly and Kammi for their comments. :)
Notes: This story has been percolating in my mind for awhile and I finally decided to write it.

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Arya & Gendry02

24! 24! 24!

I can't wait for 24 to premiere -- even if I spoiled myself horribly already, LOL! It's going to be very interesting watching the show this year because it will be the first where I actually have to wait between episodes. Last summer, Mal and I watched the first four seasons back to back. Having to wait a week between episodes?!?!? Gah. But still, the return of SuperJack! Ah, what bliss!