Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Eli Stone & Survivor

I love this show. I just love it. Man, that ending ... almost made me tear up (probably would have had my cat not being so frickin' annoying!!!!!!!).

Quick spoiler for tonight's episode ...

I wrote this about last week's episode:

There wasn't much MEli, but I still enjoyed their few scenes. The main thing I liked is that it's reading pretty clearly to me that (at this point), Maggie IS the intended love interest for Eli, as in THE love interest. And I'm quite happy with that. Of course, that could change, but I'm obviously hoping it doesn't.

Obviously, I was right!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!! At first I thought they were leaving it a little ambiguous because there could have been someone else standing there and he and Maggie just became really good friends, but that last scene blew that theory to hell and YAY! that it did. Him turning and kissing her, and then the baby (!!) before he went up to speak pretty much made it crystal clear that Maggie IS the love interest. Woohoo!!!

I loved the ending, I just loved how it was turned around to be Eli that people were all there for which does make sense since Eli IS supposedly a prophet. I also liked the fact that the "live brave" which we were led to believe was David's catchphrase was actually Eli's ... from the future.

I know the show's not perfect, but I don't care. I love it. And I think that Katey Sagal is a fabulous addition to the show. Yay! I'm loving EVERYONE in the cast so much.

Over on Survivor, you all know I love me my Ozzy, but even I admit the arrogance was a bit top-heavy in this episode. I'm pretty positive that he DOES NOT win or the editors wouldn't be painting the arrogant card so heavily. I DID love his "Come on, Jeff, I spent hours making that." HEE! I will say that I don't think that he's going next week simply because it was so clearly highlighted in the preview, but I guess we'll see.
Tags: eli stone, meli, ozzy, survivor, tv

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