Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTCD fans step inside ...

(who don't watch American Idol) behind the cut.

I don't want to spoil any American Idol viewers on my list if they don't want to be spoiled -- although, there really is no way of not giving the hint of it at least with my pre-cut text, but I tried. Anyhoo, I know I have a few SYTYCD fans (Hi, Gerrie!) on here who don't watch AI. Well, try and watch "Idol Gives Back" this Wednesday because Nigel pulled some of the dancers from all three seasons of So You Think You Can Dance to perform. It's the opening, but some of the dancers show up throughout the show, so if you can TIVO or DVR it, go for it and just fast-forward through it if you're so inclined.

Here's the paragraph about it from a spoiler on IGB that was taped on Sunday:

Suddenly, what sounded like Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" began pumping through the speakers, but I honestly didn't pay too much attention to the song because I was too busy freaking out that Nigel had employed the So You Think You Can Dancers — from all three seasons — to start the show! That's right: Benji, Danny, Travis, Nick, Donyelle, Heidi, Hok, Lacey, Pasha, Dmitry, Lauren — and that's all I could make out; there was at least a dozen more. The remaining eight Idols emerged early to sing a few verses of "Don't Stop the Music," but they quickly moved to the side to give the dancers their stage.

Just a heads up.
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