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Doctor Who (Season Two)

So I watched season one of the new Doctor Who and loved it, and bawled like a baby in the final episode. Then I got to the very, very end when the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) became the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and this was my response:

So that's it? No more Christopher Eccleston? That sucks. I never watched the original Doctor Who so is that how they did it then? I want Christopher Eccleston, not David Tennant!!! This is depressing!!!

I wrote that almost two years ago (April 16, 2006 to be exact). Well, I finally got around to giving David Tennant a chance and started watching season two last weekend.

I just finished the season and like the first, I bawled like a baby. Maaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. That just broke my heart. He didn't even get to say it. MAN!!! It's funny because I'm not actually the biggest Billie Piper fan. I never have been through the whole run, but she IS Rose and I love Rose so there's that. So I'm really hoping that someday (if/when the show ends again if in the near enough future) we get Rose back, so that she and the Doctor (9th or 10th) can reunite.

Now, I still much prefer CE's version, but I'm okay with Tennant; and really it's just such a damn good show. I figure I'll get the third season finished in a week or two and then I can just dive into this current season (already have 4.1 waiting for me). I won't start season 3 yet though, I need to mourn Rose a bit longer.
Tags: billie piper, christopher eccleston, david tennant, doctor who, tv

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