Arabian (arabian) wrote,

An Alternative to TWoP?

So hiddeneloise and I were talking about my latest (and last) skirmish with TWoP and were wondering why the heck there is no alternative. It's a great idea, and part of the reason many of us still read it, or go back under different accounts is because most of the posters offer great reading. The whole idea of the forums (not talking about the recaps here) being about deep discussion that allows frank criticism, some times delivered seriously, other times, snarkily in a place with like-minded television viewers is wonderful. The problem is the people who run the damn place. They have good rules, but posters are warned or banned arbitrarily based on things that generally are not in the rules.

So, would anyone here on my friend's list be interested in going in with hiddeneloise and I in setting up an alternative? We already have some ideas on how to set it up, how it would work and starting out on a do-able scale that wouldn't be overwhelming, but would get things rolling and we could see if it works.

Imagine a place to share your thoughts with others in intelligent, gushing and/or biting (or both) discourse on your favorite shows without fear of being arbitrarily kicked out. Wouldn't it be nice?

Oh, and right or not, I'd totally want a thread devoted to people sharing their TWoP horror stories.

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