Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Arrggghhh!!! Stupid Sci-Fi or DVR!!!!

Kara, the Sarge and Callie were watching the Cylons walk by and he asked her "what next?" I screamed. Damnit!!!! Taping it again tomorrow, but it sucks, sucks, suck that it cut off then! DAMNIT!!!!

About what I saw, I know I'm so in the minority, but I was loving Kara and Anders, thrilled that I only had to deal with two Lee scenes. (Thank God the last three episodes did not revolve around WonderLee! Ugh!) And dude, I woulda done what Baltar did (so maybe I'm a coward too?), but what other option did he have beyond surrendering at that point? The frickin' battlestars deserted them and the Cylons already showed their massive ability to wipe out humanity. On a much lesser note, I was quite happy to see Gaeta working for Gaius, because I loved their interaction (esp. the bathroom scene way back when) throughout the series as little of it as there was and so I thought it was cool that Gaius was with him.

Anyhoo, frustration aside for missing the ending and the wait to see it, but the episode was really good. The last three episodes have reminded me of why I loved this show in the first place. Awesome!

Still, stupid Sci-Fi or DVR, whichever was responsible for cutting the damn show off!!!
Tags: battlestar galactica, tv

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