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Eli Stone/Survivor last night

Yeah, it's official: I just flat-out love Eli Stone. I really, really do. I also flat-out love Julie Gonzalo. I KNEW I liked her on VM, but the crappy writing, lack of showing her much until they attached her to Logan's hip pretty much killed that for me.

Anyhoo, thoughts ...

There wasn't much MEli, but I still enjoyed their few scenes. The main thing I liked is that it's reading pretty clearly to me that (at this point), Maggie IS the intended love interest for Eli, as in THE love interest. And I'm quite happy with that. Of course, that could change, but I'm obviously hoping it doesn't. I really love them together. And, again, I just love JG/Maggie. I think the reason I'm not annoyed by her oddness is that she's SUPPOSED to be odd, clearly. EVERYONE, from Eli -- before he began to appreciate her, to Taylor, to Patty, etc. all note and comment on how she's off. So, it's a deliberate take. The writers aren't writing her as this character that everyone should love, but one that you have to grow to love. And that works for me.

Now onto a shallow note: Her hair is getting longer and lighter. Normally, I'd be woo-hooing the longer part, but I actually REALLY love this cut on her. I hope she keeps it pretty much at this cut, and doesn't go any lighter, because I think the darker color is just gorgeous on her. Heh, I was amused, though, that Eli thought she cut her hair, considering it WAS noticeably longer to me, LOL! Continuing the shallow note, I do love Jonny Lee Miller, but dude, seriously needs a different hairstyle.

Another note on the LOVING it train: Dowd and Taylor. Who'da thunk it? It just takes the right pairing sometimes to make an actor really work for me, and Dowd/Sam Jaeger is so making Taylor/NH work for me now. Heh, "The Dowd." Seriously. HAH!

Victor Garber didn't have much to do, but he's Victor Garber ... and that's enough.

I like Nate and the Nate/Eli story, but it had some personal reverberations with me. My sister was TOTALLY my mom's favorite, but when she died, my sister couldn't be there, so like Eli, my sister may have been her favorite, but she didn't get to say goodbye to her. I think that's why I didn't tear up at the end, and I rather thought I would have. I was too busy thinking that my sister couldn't get a miraculous TV fix and be able to say goodbye to her ever. However, I did get a tad-misty-eyed and that's something that TV shows don't do often to me, especially when I'm being all selfish thinking about myself.

All in all, I loved it. I just love this show. Not the best, but I love it. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

As for Survivor. I'm actually just c/ping this from harper47 because I was so blah about it.

Kinda boring episode. So not enough Ozzy, but you got to give the non-Ozzy team (I totally can NOT remember their name) the credit, they were so right to pick Ozzy. He would have SMOKED that course and gotten all five before the other team had three.

But he's safe, and that's what matters. For this week anyway. I really don't think he's going to make the final four (which I think would almost be a guarantee he'll win) because the editing has been increasingly playing him badly, ie, more arrogant and controlling. I don't buy it, but that's how I'm reading the editing, so I'm preparing myself. Trying to anyway.

The previews for next week were interesting re: merge. BUT, I wonder if Jason doesn't buy Eliza's claim (which would be AWESOME!), and if the Ozzy/Alexis stuff is nothing because there was SUCH a huge deal made about Eric's injury and while painful looking, it really was nothing in the scheme of the show. Eh, we'll know.

Amanda is SO pretty. To look THAT good in this situation? DAMN!!!
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