Arabian (arabian) wrote,

OMG! How I Met Your Mother !!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Okay, maybe not that worthy, but still pretty dang legen - wait for it - dary.

The whole thing was great, but the top three highlights ...

3. Lily's "inconspicuous" "dancing." (Yes, they both get quotes around them. Separately.)
2. The Barney/Robin hotness ... thigh-stroking, ear-whispering, Robin getting turned on. Oh yeah, baby. Someone better make a picspam of that there scene!!!!

Now, those on my flist who know of my love for the BrOtp might be wondering how on earth the hotness that was Barney and Robin could be only number two on the highlights of tonight's episode. Well, it was all about the tag. All. About. The. Tag.

1. It took them three years, but they FINALLY had a Doogie Howser gag. And like Barney's final summation of himself, it was awesome.

Oh, and TedMosebyisajerk.
Tags: brotp, himym, tv

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