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27 March 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Yay! Eli Stone tonight (+ Little Prison Break news)  
I swear this feels like Veronica Mars all over again. Sigh.

So last weekend, I watched the last five episodes of ES after giving up on the show six weeks ago. Much to my surprise, I found that not only did I love the show, I also maybe had possibly found a new primetime pairing to obsess over (Eli and Maggie -- Julie Gonzalo, formerly of (of course) Veronica Mars). Well, a little story. I watched the first eight episodes of VM over a few days and got hooked, but it wasn't until I sat down to watch the first live viewing for me that I realized that I was hooked most on Jason Dohring's character, Logan. And that first live viewing episode? Was one of the few that did NOT feature Logan. Sigh.

You get where I'm going? Yuppers. No Maggie in tonight's episode. Damnit. Still, I was happy to learn that even without her presence (and I DID miss her lots), I still loved the show. So yay. About the episode itself, other than finding it hard to believe that today's youth would give two figs about George Michael, I enjoyed the whole thing. A few random comments:

- I love Dowd. And I actually sorta love Dowd and Taylor. I think that Natasha Henstridge has much better chemistry with Sam Jaeger (Dowd) than she does with Jonny Lee Miller (Eli, whom I continue to love). More than chemistry though, they just have a nice rhythm and interaction that I found missing in most of the Eli/Taylor scenes.

- I love Victor Garber. Period.

- I quite loved that they gave a legitimate reason (I felt) for Jordan being a George Michael "fanboy."

- I may not be quite a fangirl for George myself, but I did cry foul when the principle (Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager!!!!) said that "I Want Your Sex" promoted promiscuous sex. Nuh uh! I told my tv set. That song is about a monogamous relationship, thank you very much. And, then George said that very thing. Yuh huh, I know my Wham!/George Michael pre- any album after Freedom 90 pretty well down pat. I ain't a child of the '80's for nothing.

- I was surprised that I didn't miss Patti more. I did miss Maggie though. Lots. But I admit she wouldn't have really fit in with the episode, ah well.

- I'm so glad that the brother is dating Beth because (a) I want Eli with Maggie, (b) I don't think that JLM and Laura Benanti (Beth) (who is yet another (sorta) new cast member -- they went from six in the Pilot to eleven now!!) have chemistry and something about her just rubs me slightly the wrong way. I dunno what it is.

Anyhoo, bottom-line, even without any Maggie or Meli (as I'm calling them), I still loved it, so yay!! This one, Life and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles continue to make my primetime, non-reality TV viewing a happy place.

And adding to that happiness ... I am catching up on Prison Break because SARA IS COMING BACK!!!!!!! Yay. I didn't realize how much I loved Michael/Sara until she was decapitated. (Producers say that basically Lincoln didn't look closely enough at the head, that's their out. Works for me.) As much as I enjoyed the show and LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV William Fichtner, I couldn't watch it with Sara dead and decapitated. So yay!! I'm back on the glorious, stupid joy that is Prison Break.
Sylvike: prison breakfishsanwitt on March 28th, 2008 05:34 am (UTC)
Re: Prison Break - I'm with you :) I'm *so* happy Sara's coming back - I haven't watched the show this year at all - so it'll be nice to play 'catch-up'.
Arabian: Prison Break (Michael/Sara)arabian on March 28th, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
Yay, I can use my Sara/Michael icon in response. I wanted to use it for the main post, but figured that would be too obvious. I did watch the first four episodes, but yeah, I just stopped caring after Sara was "decapitated."

I have to admit, I'm almost happy for the writer's strike though because it means I only have 8 episodes to catch up with instead of 18.
marikenobimarikenobi on March 31st, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
Finally watched the Eli ep!

And yes I missed Maggie a lot. Completely agree with ya on Dowd and Natasha. Meli all the way!

Plus really as long as they keep letting SpyDaddy sing, I'm there!