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Dancing with the Stars Results/AI quick comment

Spoilers about who went home behind the cut, but before the cut ... a word or two about The Jonas Brothers (the "musical" guests tonight). Of course, I've heard of them. They're practically everywhere in the media world and if you read ONTD, Entertainment Weekly, etc. you pretty much can't not know who they are. However, you CAN be unaware of how they actually sound as a group. As was I.

Until tonight.

When my ears practically begged my ears to no longer have the power of hearing if it would save them from EVER. HAVING. TO. LISTEN. TO. THE. CATERWAULING. THAT. THE. JONAS. BROTHERS. CALL. SINGING. EVER AGAIN!

Wow, was that singer GOD-AWFUL. I mean, bad, bad, bad, bad. Oy. Sadly, folks, that is what the music industry is reduced to these days. A group of "cute" teenage boys who happened to star on a Disney TV show with a lead singer who insults the very word "singer" with his vocals are one of the hottest acts in music now. Lord help us all.

Oy vey.

Man, I wish I'd called it on my lj instead of just half-assedly guessing that I thought Monica and Penn would go home in harper47's entry on last night's show. Ah well. I sorta called it. Go me. I liked Monica, but yeah, she was REALLY bad. And Penn was not only a bad dancer, he had a crappy attitude, talked too much, and then had the nerve to say that one shouldn't practice, but instead dance bad. Of course he was going home. And none too soon. Sorry, Kym (and Jonathan -- who'da thunk he'd last much longer with a woman with only one leg?).

As for my faves? Well, I wouldn't say that Adam is a fave, but Julianne is and I love her so goshdarn much that when she and Adam were called safe, I literally woohoo'ed!!! And, I can't help it, I find Adam amusing, and I loved his snark about the "Stepford Siblings" (ie, Julianne and Derek). LOL! Speaking of ... I also cheered when Shannon and Derek were declared safe, as well as Marlee and Fabian. Yeah, I don't like Fabian that much, but I LOVE me some Marlee Matlin.

RE: American Idol tonight. I love Brooke. I loved the whole arrangement. That is all.
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