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So I've sorta fallen in love with 'Eli Stone'

So I'm kinda in love with Eli Stone now, and I think I may have a new primetime couple to obsess over. I think. (See icon.)

It's weird because I watched the first episode and had this to say about it in this entry:

I enjoyed it. I didn't love LOVE it, but I really did enjoy it. I almost teared up towards the end, and I found all of the characters likable. I'm not sold on Natasha Henstridge as the fiancee (she looks older than Eli, and being taller than him, it's a little off-kilter), but I adore Victor Garber -- and didn't even know he would be on the show, so that's a plus. Jonny Lee miller was very good and I liked Frank/Mr. Chin as well.

It may be too preachy, too "good," but it's under the vision of Greg Berlanti and while I may have not stuck with Everwood, I respected and liked what he did with it and I ADORE Brothers & Sisters. So I'm very willing to keep watching.

After all, you've gotta have faith.

That was the first episode, the Pilot, and it was before Julie Gonzalo (formerly of Veronica Mars, as Parker Lee) appeared. I was looking forward to her appearance because despite the romantic turn her character took on VM, I had really liked the actress, going so far as to single her out in particular in my write-up of the first VM episode she appeared in:

Other than the awkwardness of how the last line played out to me in Parker's introduction scene, I REALLY liked her. Julie Gonzalo was wonderful. Why isn't SHE getting promoted out the ying-yang!? She was adorable.

After a rewatch, I added: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Parker even more. So needless to say, I really like Julie Gonzalo. When her character, Maggie Decker, first appeared on ES, and the only thing I had to say about her was I gotta tell you, she is the exception to the rule for me. I like long hair, no, I LOVE long hair, but this short, brunette do on her is stunning and she looks about a million times better here than she did on VM. She looks absolutely beautiful. It's not that her character was horrible, she was just kinda there, a bit too flaky and flightly and really, really unbelievable as a laywer.

And that last bit there became a problem for the show overall for me: the unrealism of the lawyering. Obviously, I'm not a lawyer, but the version of lawyering on this show? Really, really badly done. So after episode three, I took it off of my DVR and gave it up. Flashforward to Thursday last, I finished watched Miss Guided (cute show, by the way) and the channel was on ABC and I caught a few seconds of ES and it was an Eli/Maggie scene and I thought immediately (as I had during their scenes in the first two episodes she was in) that they do have a nice chemistry. And there was definitely a vibe of something to the scene. I had just taken two new shows off of my watching schedule (Canterbury's Law, bad ratings, likely canceled, not worth watching more of, and New Amsterdam, because I REALLY don't like the doctor/soulmate), so thought, 'eh, why not?' So I put ES back on a season pass and downloaded the last four episodes I missed.

Surprise, surprise, I stopped watching just when it started to really gel. I loved episode four, liked episode five, really, really REALLY liked episode six, got an Eli/Maggie kiss in episode seven, and then in the most recent episode Maggie as part of an Eli vision with romantic undertones (as part of a "love triangle" between Eli and Taylor -- still, the show's weakest link and this is with two new members joining the cast) and another sorta-kiss. Can ya kinda tell where this is heading? Yeah. I'm loving the show, loving Jonny Lee Miller, loving Julie Gonzalo, loving the rest of the cast -- except for, sigh, Natasha Henstridge, but she's okay) and LOVING the potential of Eli and Maggie. Oh yeah.

I made an icon already. Yeah, that bad. Off to check the ratings ... sigh.

ETA: Gulp, I do still read TWoP, but try to avoid forums run by certain moderators and ::gulp:: Couch Baron runs the ES forum. Sigh. Oy, read the threads on the episodes and I really hope that all thoughts about the show are not like on TWoP, because if so ... I'm REALLY in them in the minority in liking Maggie/Eli and Maggie.
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