Arabian (arabian) wrote,

YAY!! Josiah Lemming got a major record deal!!!

WOOHOO!!! (Yes, I realize this is coming on the heels of a political rant ... what can I say? Such is my mind.)

He's gone from living in his car to having a record deal in the span of six months. Morristown teenager Josiah Leming -- forever known as the kid living out of his car on "American Idol" season 7 -- has signed with Warner Bros. records. He's also gotten an agent and an entertainment lawyer. According to one source, the kid bought his dad a new truck recently to celebrate this upward turn of events. Earlier this season, Josiah made it to the early rounds in Hollywood, but failed to make the top 24 cut. He's still living in M-Town, but he's going to be going Hollywood soon enough.


I'm so happy for him (and me) because I love his voice, his lyrics, his music. Yay, yay, yay. Take that! Randy, Simon and Paula!!!!!!! (Ooh, if it wasn't for Brooke, I'd SOOOO be done with AI this year.) Now just give me some good Danny Noriega news and I'll be on AI cloud 9!
Tags: american idol, josiah lemming, music

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