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Survivor last night (mostly about the Ozzy ... come on, it's me!)

I actually wasn't planning on writing anything up, but harper47 wrote a short entry on last night's Survivor and I responded with a novel, and thought, aw heck, I guess I did have a lot to say. So here it is.

Ohmygod!! Until a few seconds after Tracy's name came up a second time (and I realized with the "plan" she should have only one vote) I was positive, ABSOLUTELY positive that Ozzy was going and I was already preparing to delete the show from my DVR until the finale. But then phew!! He was safe.

Honestly, I thought that that Cirie/Amanda THREW the challenge considering how they were acting when they apologized to Ozzy afterwards. Man, how much better would their team be doing if it was Eliza instead of Tracy on the team? Oh well. At least Tracy's gone. Yeah, she lost me when she began targeting Ozzy ... and spelt his name wrong!!!!!!!!!

He kicked ASS! in that challenge, poor baby was so tired. He was dragging by the end there, but he did it because no matter how hard people try to act like he's not all that, dude, he IS all that. Eric (with his admittedly cute mancrush on Ozzy) couldn't even do it once properly.

As for the whole "arrogant" crap!?!? Hello, there were FOUR people in that boat, they were going out there to get bigger, better fish to EAT!!! How was that arrogant on Ozzy's part? Yes, I do see that he's getting a leetle too comfortable and assuming the leadership role a bit much, but dude, why wouldn't he? He's providing pretty much everything for them, anything they win, it's almost always due to him, and when they lose, it's always due to someone who ISN'T Ozzy.

I don't know. I hope that he got the clue that Cirie is NOT the one to trust and works some magic to get rid of her. I don't know. On one hand, I want the merge, but on the other, all of those people against challenge-monster Ozzy? Oy. At this point, Eric and James (yes, James) are the only ones I believe would actually stay loyal to him. Amanda, I would like to think that she would, but after last night? Could have been editing, but who knows? What I was struck most with was Ozzy's speech about the loyalty and how that is how he plays and what he would do, and I wish he had mentioned what happened on Aitu (and wonder if he had, but it was edited out). He has proven more than any other players (aside from the other three members of the Aitu four) that he IS loyal; that when he gives his word to stick with you ... he WILL stick with you.

On the other tribe, I felt for Kathy and understood where she was coming from. If I didn't love Ozzy so much, I'd really feel sorry for that tribe, they are almost at the same number of members not due to losing challenges, but their members having to leave the game.
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