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Dancing with the Stars (night two)

Before I go into thoughts on the ladies tonight, I did want to address the Julianne comments made in response to last night's post. If I offend anyone, I'm truly sorry and I don't mean to. I just adore Julianne and really can't fathom the dislike. I know it's to each their own, but it's so frustrating when people whose opinions I respect differ so completely from mine. Therefore, this bit that follows ... Honestly, those who no longer like her are simply not going to like anything she does at this point, I think. I mean, the complaints (and not just in response to me, but elsewhere) are basically that she pouted when receiving extremely low scores. I guess for me, I don't understand why that was so horrible.

What was she supposed to do? Smile, act like it was all fabulous? Of course not. This is a champion who is used to getting high marks because she does her damndest to deliver and here she is faced with the lowest scores of the night. Of course, it was sucky. She wasn't happy with the scores, but she didn't argue them, she pouted (mock-pouted, I might add), true, but she also smiled and had a good attitude. If she stood there stoic, I'm sure some would have found fault with that (she thinks she's above the judges' critique or something). So unfortunately, I honestly think she's at a lose-lose situation with those who for whatever reason stopped liking her in her first or second season. As for her fans, they love her no matter what, because she's still the same adorable, insanely talented Julianne that we fell in in love with. Bottom-line is that she knows she's not going to win with Corolla as her partner, and she's accepted that clearly. I just don't see what's wrong with a few faux pouts amidst smiles and good-natured acceptance of the scores. What else could she do?

With that said ... onto the ladies tonight with a preface. I will say that I like Marlee Matlin bunches and Shannon Elizabeth going into this. Also, I may be the only person on the planet, but I'm pretty much actively rooting AGAINST Kristi Yamaguchi. I'm a huge figure skating fan and have been since I was a young girl and Yamaguchi bores me silly. Always has. She's graceful, but not graceful enough to deserve the kudos she's received in my opinion. I've read/seen countless interviews with her and for some reason she's always rubbed me the wrong way. And, more importantly, did I mention that whenever I watch her skate 99.9% of the time she bores me silly? Well, she does. I think out of EVERY routine of hers I've watched and I've watched dozens upon dozens upon dozens, I've only loved ONE. The rest? Meh. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

Of course, she's everyone's favorite to win. Sigh.

Anyhoo, on with tonight's performances ...

Shannon Elizabeth -- Girl has gorgeous, amazing legs. She just needs to figure out what to do with them. Re: judges' comments. Damn, my momma would be proud. (She was a fabulous dancer/amazing choreographer). Last night I called Christian's rounded shoulders (which, I found out after reading TWoP, that many people knew something was off but didn't get it until the judges pointed it out), and tonight I called Shannon's amazing legs and lack of knowing what to do with them. And the judges again pointed that out. See, mom, I did pay attention during my formative years to all the dance!dance!dance! discussion. Woo me!!! Back to Shannon, I COULD see her improving and I think she has a shot to go farther.

Monica Seles -- She and Jonathan have chemistry!!! Nice. Gorgeous dress. Alas, she is quite stiff ... and tentative. She could get better, but I could also see a mental block ala Ian that never goes away. Lovely routine though. If she does last way long, I'd love to see them re-perform this one down the road. I know, unlikely, but I really liked the routine.

Marissa -- I thought she'd annoy me insanely when her package started, but by the end of it I was grinning. She's adorable. Okay, the dancing ... definitely the best so far. She's got the moves, she does. She's not controlling the footwork that well though, I can see her stumbling over steps, but she can improve on that. She has the natural talent. I don't know how America will feel about a "plus-sized" dancer, though. I'm aware that it doesn't matter because my mother was overweight (and short, LOL!, like Marissa) and she was a PHENOMENAL dancer. But who knows? Donyelle was a few years back, a different show, had the Benji-pairing to help push her and not as plus-size as Marissa. Hmm, re: judges' comments, I was so busy watching her, I wasn't even picking up on the lack of Cha Cha, but the judges were totally right. Eh, I do blame Tony for that, I think Marissa has a LOT of promise.

Priscilla Presley (aka Botox face) -- Name-dropping Elvis, LOL! (Note, I LOVE Louis!) She is pretty darn good, but it did look more like he was dragging her across the dance floor in parts. Also, she kept coming this close to falling out of moves, she recovered before doing so, but it was still there. First performance jitters though, I think, she's actually pretty good and I think has a lot of potential. And she and Louis have a nice chemistry too. I think the judges were a bit TOO gushing, but I do think she's quite, quite good and I agree that she did own the dance unlike anyone else has done so far.

Kristi Yamaguchi -- Sigh. I actually expected her to be better, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she's by far the best, no question. And it's totally and completely unfair that she's in this competition. I'm sorry, a female figure skater does a LOT of lyrical dancing in their routines -- they are trained to have the extension and the grace, etc. They take ballet to work on their grace and extension, they train hour upon hour, their bodies are temples and a lot of what you see in ballroom dancing -- the posture, the extension, the grace, the musicality is inherent in good figure skaters. I may not be a fan of hers, but she's not a good figure skater, she's a great figure skater ... one of the greatest American figure skaters ever. She may be the BIGGEST ringer they've ever had. (Ugh!! How did she do this, Carrie-Ann? She's had dance-training her whole life.) I really don't think it's fair, and I'd say that even if it was Oksana Baiul (loopy, but my favorite figure skater EVER!!!) performing. (The difference is that I wouldn't mind at all if it was Oksana, LOL!) Is it bad that I really hope she's voted out earlier than expected ala Sabrina because she's SO, SO, SO a ringer and it's SO, SO, SO unfair that she's in this competition?

Marlee Matlin (!!!!) - ("Profoundly deaf. Profoundly. But I sleep great." I LOVE MARLEE MATLIN!) She's really good, but this Fabian dude!??! LOUSY choreographer. L-O-U-S-Y!!! I can't tell if the too slow movements is her dancing's fault, or his craptastic choreography. Oy. She was good, though. She was really good. (And, yes, I am biased, but I DON'T CARE!!!) Shallow note ... she's so gorgeous. (Whatever, Len! Fabian sucked at choregraphy, I don't care if he got the steps in, the choreography SUCKED!!! Oh, if only the early rumors had been true and it was Louis with Marlee, alas.)

Favorite - Marlee!!!
Least favorite - Kristi
Best overall - grr, grr, Kristi, with honorable mention to Priscilla.
Worst overall - Monica, but she has a LOT of potential.

Clearly, the girls are MUCH better than the guys. Clearly.
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