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Dancing with the Stars (night one)

Thoughts on the new season of DwTS. I don't have a favorite going into this beyond Julianne and Adam Corolla and that's ALL about Julianne. I do like Marlee Matlin and Shannon Elizabeth (yes, I do), but I'm not pre-show rooting for anyone (other than Julianne because I love her).

The dancers ...

Penn -- Better than I thought would be, but still pretty bad. However, he had great energy and enthusiasm and he really seems to be putting a lot of effort and that's great.

Jason Taylor -- He was AWESOME! I do agree that he needs to act it up more, but dance-wise for a first week, I thought he did so very, very good. I really liked him.

Christian De La Fuente -- (First one I'm commenting on the package ... he's annoying, coming across as very arrogant.) Very, very rounded shoulders, just had to mention that. He has potential, but he's too big and loose with heavy feet right now. He has potential, I'll give him that.

Adam Corrola -- YAY!! JULIANNE!!! Ahem. He's not very good, but he's so much better than I thought he would be. I was so proud watching and I really enjoyed it. Yes, I'm wildly aware of my bias, but I don't care. I loved it!!!!! Yay!!!! (Grrr to the judges ... even if they were right.) Oh, come on!!! He was better than Penn!!!!!!! Yeah, no way a three-peat. Ah well.

Mario - He's really good (even if those white pants are quite, quite unfortunate). I find them kinda boring though, which sucks because I like Karina. Oh well, maybe it's just this routine.

Steve Guttenberg -- Is it sad that I saw him and immediately thought: He fondled Logan's bicep. I admit I'm really interested to see him because I read that he is rehearsing A LOT!!! Yeah, he needs a LOT more rehearsal. But I like him. Aww, I could see him counting. He's really putting his all into it, and I appreciate that! Go Gut!!!

Finally, a note about the pro number at the top of the show: EXCELLENT!!! It was so, so, soooooo good. WOW!!!! Loved it.
Tags: dancing with the stars, julianne hough, tv

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