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AI - Boys/Girls top 14

Alright, I know I'm feeling better now because I'm actually typing up thoughts on AI.


David A. has a good voice, and I actually liked his interpretation of the song. What I like about him is that he really does make the songs his own.

David C. did a good job with the song, which surprised me because "Hello" is actually my favorite song, period, and yet I liked the interpretation.

Jason really is beautiful, and while vocally he hasn't impressed me in the past I liked this. Very nice downplaying and I think that is what got such praise. The over-the-top singing gets a little old, and Jason proved how lovely a low-key approach can be.

Luke you're pretty, but please, please GO HOME!! Dude, even with your high voice, you still couldn't hit that high.

Stripper or no, I've never liked David H. He's always struck me as smarmy. And he sang a Celine song. Badly. And, uh, no, Randy, he DIDN'T hit the high notes. Go home.

The rest, meh, except for .....

Danny!!!!!! LOVE. HIM. I will say that he needs to use that balls-out voice and blow it out of the park because he can, but he's holding back, and I don't know why. Hopefully, he makes it to the top 12 (PLEASE!!!) and then unleashes the full power I know he's capable of.


Asia'h was good, but she just ... honestly, I just don't like her vocal stylings. I don't like her voice. Eh.

Kady, Kady, Kady, unless you have an instrument that REALLY can hit it out of the ballpark, you do NOT sing Freddy Mercury. You really don't. Especially THAT song. Tsk, tsk.

OHMYGOD! I actually liked Amanda's performance! I did, and I have to say by the end of her little interview-y part with Ryan, and the whole smiling bit, I was really liking her. SHOCKER!

Carly is so overpraised, I am sorry. Say what you will about the David A. pimping, but that boy HAS the voice, HITS the notes and sounds amazing. Carly? Not so much. She doesn't hit the notes, she sounds like she's straining. I've heard that song performed by many artists and Celine Dion's is my favorite (of course, I love Celine Dion), so to hear Carly's attempt at a song that Celine kicked out of the ballpark (clearly my phrase for the night) -- and, I'm not even talking about the recorded version, but the live version, you know the one where she was literally laying on the stairs singing those big notes and sounded A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!, well, to hear Carly sing it was just sad. Sing the phone book my ass. I'd be plugging my ears before she got to any last names that went Ab ...

Kristy has a good voice, but I think she chose a song that was too big for her. She was doing good until she got to the bigger notes and couldn't hit them. Oh well.

Ramiele is now singing my second favorite song of all time ("Against All Odds") and I've never heard it not butchered, let's see ... it's good, but I think I love the original too much and she's singing it too much like the original for me to let go of my Phil bias. I think people who don't adore this song so will really like her performance though.

I just love Brooke. I love her voice, I love her phrasing, I love the emotion and wealth she brings to a song. In the case of this song, I liked the slowed down acoustic of it, added a more heartrending pain to the song as opposed to the angry of the original (which I'm not sure she could have pulled off.) But, honestly, I'm quickly getting to the stage where if it's not the best performance, I don't care, I just love Brooke. I did like this one a lot though (especially the end), and actually think it will be one that grows with repeated listenings. (Phew, I expected the judges to crucify her, but they liked her, they really liked her!)

Oy Syesha, I like her, I do ... but don't sing songs that were sung by the likes of Whitney, Mariah, Celine, seriously, people. Randy sounds like a broken record when he says it, but he says it for a reason, like them or not, they have AMAZING vocals and (a) their songs are not easy to sing and (b) the likelihood of sounding as good as them is just not very likely.

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