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02 March 2008 @ 07:40 pm
A list of unpopular opinons  
I'm bummed with my life and trying to get over it so, a list/meme/whatever you want to call it.

- I do not get the George Clooney love. At all. Ever. He's good-looking, but nothing devastating or amazing or gorgeous. He's a good actor, but nothing to write home about. He's charming, but not so ridiculously charismatic. And, yes, I've seen just about everything he's ever done. I have a good friend who used to be his neighbor and he apparently is a truly great guy, so I don't have a beef with him. I just don't get why he's considered so awesome, so fabulous, so the greatest, so the best. Frankly, he kinda bores me now.

- I do not get the Johnny Depp love. I watched 21 Jump Street like many a gal my age, and while everyone else was creaming themselves over Depp, I liked ... Peter Deluise. Yes, Peter Deluise. I do think that Depp is good-looking, but not gorgeous or sexy or beautiful. I do think he's a good actor, but not outstanding or awesome or worthy of all of his acting noms. I do think he's charismatic, but not the be-all and end-all of charisma.

- On that note, no! practically every frickin' review I've read about them ... I did NOT watch any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies because of Johnny Depp. I saw the first one for one reason and one alone: Orlando Bloom. I watched the others because I liked the first and I LOVE Orlando Bloom. And browsing threads here and there on various boards: Stupid movie critics, I wasn't the only person who watched PotC for Orlando Bloom and NOT Johnny Depp. I'm not saying that more people didn't watch it for Depp, but he wasn't the only reason at all. Yeah, yeah, Orlando's had duds, but you know what? So has Johnny Depp when it's not a BIG MOVIE! or have the name Tim Burton attached to it. So can we please give Orlando and his teeny-bopper+target demographic women-pleasing ways some credit as well?

- I do think that Amy Winehouse can sing; however I find her material of 60's type of music practically a parody and the marrying of that style of music + inventive profanity (what kind of fuckery is this indeed?) actually turned me off of the album.

- I love Celine Dion and I'm damn proud to say so. I love her voice, I love most of her songs, I love her exuberance, I love her utter lack of self-consciousness, I love her spastic dancing, I love her over-the-top-ness, I love her ballads, I love the fact that she sticks to her gun. I love Celine Dion. And "My Heart Will Go On" is great song, damnit!

- Speaking of ... Titanic is NOT a piece of shit and DID deserve to win the Oscar. Sure, it didn't have the best dialogue in the world and Billy Zane did really, really bad in the film ... but you know what? The best picture Oscar used to mean something ... it used to mean that this was a film for the ages, this was a film that transcended just being great, and was one that swept you away into a world of movie-making magic that could be found nowhere else. Titanic did that like no other movie had in years!!

- And on THAT note, it's complete crock of shit that Gladiator won best picture. Great action movie? Hell to the yeah! Great movie? Uh, no. Dude, it was an action movie. A very-well made one with some great performances, but it was not a BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR movie, especially when up against the sheer wonder and beauty of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Yeah, what I said above about why Titanic deserved the Oscar, doubly goes for CTHD -- that move transcended greatness and took viewers to another place and time that could not have been created in any other medium.

- Still on Oscars ... Shakespeare in Love soooooooo deserved the win over Saving Private Ryan. SPR was a great war movie, a great movie, yes, but SiL was an original, a delight, with one of the best scripts and joyous tones that a movie had had in ages. However, Gwyneth Paltrow did NOT deserve the Oscar over Cate Blanchett ... no way, no how.

- And that pink Oscar dress looked horrible on Paltrow, too pale, too insipid, washed her out, emphasized her lack of bust and looked a size or two too big for her.

- Alex O'Loughlin does absolutely nothing for me. He's mildly good-looking, has very little charisma. He looks to me like a big, blank hounddog. I also think he's mostly an okay actor. I don't get the fuss. I really, really, really don't. Seems like a lovely, lovely guy though.

- I do not believe that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have a lick of sexual chemistry. I buy them as brothers, but don't see even a hint of HoYay! and I have no idea why so many do. And I did watch the first two seasons of Supernatural.

- I think that Jack on Lost is one of the most tool-ish, asshole-ish characters to ever be scripted for television. He is the main reason that I stopped watching Lost. Yup, that's right. I actually thought the other islander stuff was kinda interesting and was willing to see where they went with it, but nope, my Jack-hate is too strong.

- I have NEVER liked Tom Cruise. Lovely to be in vogue now, but imagine being a Cruise-hater when everyone else loved him? 'Twas torture.

- I think that Season two of Veronica Mars was thematically and overall worse than Season three.

- On that note, I fully, firmly and 100% believe that the last Logan/Veronica scene was a crystal-clear anvil from Rob Thomas that, yes, Logan and Veronica WOULD be getting back together, because, YES!, Logan and Veronica DO belong together.

- I think that daytime television has some of THE finest actors working today.

- I love The Office, but I think it's way over-rated.

- On that note, I like Pam and Jim, but think that they are WAAAAAY over-rated. Dwight/Angela and Ryan/Kelly interest me more.

- I think other than just falling in love with Elizabeth and the Elizabeth/Will story in Pirates of the Carribean, Keira Knightly is the worst high-profile overpraised actress in the industry right now.

- I think the sixth book of the Harry Potter series was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. It read to me like J.K.Rowling had a deadline to meet and she was rushing to get to it. On the other hand, even being a Harry/Hermione shipper, I liked most of the last book except for two things: The god-awful epilogue, and especially Mrs. Weasley pulling an Aliens-esque "get away from her, you bitch!" moment. That was pretty much terrible.

- As much as I adore Idina Menzel, I think that Rent is extremely over-rated. Like E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y.

- Finally, I like when singers on American Idol do the big power notes ... as long as they stay in key (Carly Smithson, and scores of countless other past Idolists who were praised none-the-less by a suddenly tone-deaf trio of judges, that means I am NOT talking to you).

I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to do your own version. 'Twould be fun to read.
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Juliafairnymph on March 3rd, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
Um, we disagree on several points (but also agree on others). I'll just keep quiet. :D

However, I don't think this:

- On that note, I fully, firmly and 100% believe that the last Logan/Veronica scene was a crystal-clear anvil from Rob Thomas that, yes, Logan and Veronica WOULD be getting back together, because, YES!, Logan and Veronica DO belong together.

counts at all as an unpopular opinion. I think the majority of the fan base agrees, actually.
Arabian: Meant to Bearabian on March 3rd, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
Not on my flist, LOL! I'd like to believe you, I admit I stopped reading the other VM boards during S3 because I disagreed with a lot of what people we're saying, so you could be right. But not on my flist.

I'm curious which ones do you agree with? (I rather expected most to be disagreed with, LOL!)
Julia: v/l lying kiss by <lj user=br3akable>fairnymph on March 3rd, 2008 01:29 am (UTC)
Well, I can't think of a single person who doesn't agree with that about VM! I know people who liked piz/veronica, but even THEY still prayed at the L/V altar - I think it will always rule the majority of fandom. :D

What I agree with:

-I do think Clooney is a bit overrated. I like him well enough, but I don't understand all the fuss.
-I love Depp but I am no Depp fangirl and I do not see why everyone thinks he's so hot as he's frankly a little feminine! And did NOT see the PotC movies for him by any stretch. I think Bloom is overshadowed in those films a bit, but I like him too as an actor.
-Titanic is an AMAZING film (except for choice of Celine Dion at the end which made me severely unhappy, lol).
-Shakespeare in Love is highly underrated and kicks the shit out of SPR.
-I see no chemistry at all between the SPN boys. Now Josef/Mick...
-The 6th HP book was one of the weakest, for sure. I didn't hate it though. I'm also a H/Hr shipper but I personally loved the Mrs. Weasley moment something fierce,
-I have never seen Rent and don't really have a strong desire to do so.
Arabian: The Kiss 2.0arabian on March 3rd, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Honestly of all of these, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't think Clooney is all that. Makes me feel less alone, LOL!
Juliafairnymph on March 3rd, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)

I'm tempted to do one of these now. :D

Don't get me wrong, I'd fuck Clooney...but I'd fuck a lot of people, and there are SO MANY hotter and more talented actors.
Janey-E Jonesshangri__la on March 3rd, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
Not so unpopular- I agree with about 85% of your list.
Arabian: Bite Me!arabian on March 3rd, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)
Really? That's cool -- this is based on entertainment communities, magazines, etc. through the years.

I'm curious ... which ones do you agree with?
Janey-E Jonesshangri__la on March 3rd, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)
I'm not telling you, bia-tch.


In order:

-- Johnny Depp. I'm a fan, I think he's a great actor, but do I think girls need to be creaming themselves over him? No, especially not the last couple of years. He's been playing the same damn role for about five years now.

-- I also watched the Pirates movies JUST for Orlando Bloom.

-- Titanic love! Still makes me cry, well-made, and the powerhouse that is Leo and Kate still cannot be topped- I CANNOT wait for their new movie to come out.

-- While I do think a lot of Celine Dion's songs are corny as hell, I DO love her voice and a lot of her songs. Like, I have an irrational love for "All By Myself," "My Heart Will Go On," "If You Asked Me To," and "Because You Loved Me."

-- Also agreed on Gladiator.

-- I don't see any sexual chemistry from Jensen and Jared. I see a LOT of brotherly love, which is why I'm squicked that Wincest runs rampant (if people want to 'ship them, cool, I just don't). To be honest, I don't see these two tonguing each other on screen or off screen any time soon.

-- Add on Jack and Kate, and I agree with your LOST one.

-- S2 thematically was worse than S3, but overall? I half agree with you here. Character development in S2 has S3 beat, but I do think S3 was way worse in the sense that Veronica Was Never Wrong, Logan became a ghost of himself, Keith...wasn't Keith, Wallace was missing and presumed forgotten, New Character A was pretty much cited as the next coming, and I can keep going. I just think S2 actually had a character arc of sorts for Veronica, Logan, and everyone else; while S3 was just a hot mess all around (although it did give us some great L/V moments in the first half).

-- I don't think the final L/V scene opinion is an unpopular opinion. In fact, I think it's confirmed, considering (almost) every L/V fangirl squeed and "Veronica's" MySpace song was changed to "Momentary Thing" right after the series finale ended.

-- Agreed on The Office. It's funny, but not THAT funny. And JKras is way overrated. So is Jenna Fischer. The supporting characters are where it's at for this show.

-- The JAM 'shippers killed the coupling for me. My heart will always and forever belong to Ryan/Kelly, though. He was so bad to her, and yet you *saw* some tenderness there from him. He's an odd character.

-- Keira does suck. You could see Adrien Brody debating whether to punch her during The Jacket.

-- I love me some Idina and Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp and Jesse Martin and so on, but the show itself IS overrated, but I do think it is because of the timeliness of the piece and Jonathon Larson's unfortunately early death.

There you go!

Edited at 2008-03-03 01:37 am (UTC)
Arabian: LoVe _ Squee!!!arabian on March 3rd, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
See, now I'm glad I did this because I did not know that Veronica's song was changed to "Momentary Thing." Aww, that makes my inner LoVe girl squee with joy!!

I see what you mean about VMs3, but for me I could make sense of why Logan, Veronica and Keith acted as they did (except Veronica in the god-awful 'Of Vice and Men'), but in S2, I could not understand why so many characters did the fucking things they did. First and foremost, why the hell Veronica Mars -- THE Veronica Mars that I fell in love with in Season one -- would date a guy who practically date-raped her, left her there to suffer the consequences, ignored her for a year, then made her pain about the rape all about HIM!!! And that was just the main character thing I couldn't wrap my brain around. There were many, many others. In S3, I got why Veronica was a cold bitch, I got why Logan was a former shadow of himself, I got why Keith finally stopped caring about the shit Veronica got herself involved with.

As for the rest, cool.

Edited at 2008-03-03 01:43 am (UTC)
Janey-E Jonesshangri__la on March 3rd, 2008 01:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, I mentioned it when it happened, just because it surprised me. However, it was probably the network's doing and not Rob Thomas'.

First and foremost, why the hell Veronica Mars -- THE Veronica Mars that I fell in love with in Season one -- would date a guy who practically date-raped her, left her there to suffer the consequences, ignored her for a year, then made her pain about the rape all about HIM!!!

Honestly, I was pissed but not at all surprised because...A Trip to the Dentist and Leave It to Beaver. She tells Logan it was feelings and nature, pretty much taking ALL blame away from Duncan; then she goes out of her way to tell him that they weren't siblings in the S1 finale. Really, we all (and Logan, apparently) should've seen it coming.

My big problem with S3 is that none of it was logical- it was a grand case of the writers doing shit in order to suit their purposes (see: everything Veronica and Logan did). For me, after S&E, it was like they were the writers of ML- an ep by ep storyline basis, with no clear outline or overall knowledge of what would happen.

And then there's the fact that, you know, the whole Piz/Parker rebound thing would've made a hellava lot more sense after S&E instead of for the final five eps ever, but I'm not bitter at all.
Ashley Rae: VM_LoVe In The Journalism Roomloves_bitch1301 on March 3rd, 2008 04:54 am (UTC)
I don't get the Alex O'Loughlin appeal either! I just don't buy him as a cool, sauve vampire.

And thank you for the lack of interest in the Wincest. I just don't get. Not even a little bit. I love the boys, but separately.

Amen to the oscar and Veronica Mars stuff.
marikenobi: Canon Slashmarikenobi on March 3rd, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
I'll play with my opinions on some:

- I think George has known how to play the media. I adore his voice, but most of his work bores me.

- I've always liked Johnny but I've never Looooooooooooooooved him. Speaking of Peter, did you catch him on Supernatural the other week?

- I am a proud Orlando fangirl who screamed very loud in the theater when --well you know -- in POTC 3. I've gotten into many arguments regarding the whole Johnny v. Orlando thing.

- Titanic is awesome. I still get misty eyed when I see it and yes THAT was a best picture... one that ten years later still gives me the same emotion of the first time.

- Yes... Ughh yes the Gladiator year.. not a good Oscar year...

- You know who I thought was robbed? Joseph. He was awesome as Shakespeare and no love!

- The pink dress looked better on the South Park guy

- Mick does nothing for me. Which is why there should be more JOSEF!

- Winchest is a bad bad bad thing.

- I DESPISE JACK. HATE HIM. The show should have kept to the original idea of killing him off

- With you on the Tom Cruise thing... but as an enterprising 11 year old, I bought all those teeny bopper magazines and resold all the pics of him that I didn't want for a quarter each.

- I loved the first season of VM, the other 2 only some eps.


- Dwangela for the win!

- Did you see Atonement? The movie shows so much how overrated she is! Plus she was a bad Lizzie... ugh

- I thought Book 6 of HP was like she was writing exactly how she would like to see it in the movie and I really didn't like Book 7. The Ripley moment.. ugh so wrong... but so many other things... but not going to bring back bad memories again for me :(

p2880 on March 3rd, 2008 06:33 am (UTC)
Re:VM. I think most people agree that the official storyline was headed to LoVe. I just think most LV fans (or at least Logan fans) were so mad at V that they wanted LV to be over after the way she treated him in S3. I sorta understood the Duncan/closure thing in S2. What made me really mad was that Veronica didn't seem to care that Logan might have to go to jail for the rest of his life. WTF!?!

Totally agree with you about CTHD, Alex O'L, and Paltrow's dress, but disagree about Titanic and SIL.
sowell: Spikesowell on March 3rd, 2008 02:14 pm (UTC)
I'm a huge fan of people who are unafraid of unpopular opinions, so go you! This was very fun to read, and you should post your opinions more often.

Hmmm. I'm not sure if I love Celine Dion, but I definitely think she has a unique and beautiful voice. Amy Winehouse, on the other hand, would be doing the music industry a favor if she crawled back into whatever crack hole she came from.... I don't like her. :)

And I love Gladiator! I think we might have opposite taste in movies, because I hated SiL. But we definitely agree on CTHD. I loved that film.

I think your description of AOL as a "big, blank hounddog" is really apt. But I still want to kidnap him and do dirty, dirty things to him. :) Honestly, I think he's fucking sexy.

Re Jim and Pam - I thought they were worth the hype in S1 and S2, but S3 put me into burn-out mode. There was something very exciting about them in the first seasons, though. Watching their relationship really made the show emotionally involving for me. I felt that excitement like it was my own friendship, my own crush. I still have fond feelings for them, but I don't want to fanfic them anymore, which is a sure sign my obsession has waned.

And finally, of course, VM. I actually STILL don't think I'm objective enough to discuss this rationally, but I'll try. I have to disagree about S2 being worse than S3. S2 may have been worse thematically, but the execution of S3 was, for me, terrible enough to obsure even the best intentions of the writers. The things that I loved about VM were the characters and the relationships, and in S3, both components became unrecognizable to me. The writers might have been telling a thematically sound story, but they were telling it about characters I no longer liked or reconized, including Logan, Keith, Wallace, and Weevil.

I totally agree with this: On that note, I fully, firmly and 100% believe that the last Logan/Veronica scene was a crystal-clear anvil from Rob Thomas that, yes, Logan and Veronica WOULD be getting back together

It's on this: because, YES!, Logan and Veronica DO belong together</i> that we part ways.

When I weigh that last scene against the evidence of the rest of the season, I just can't convince myself that RT saw them as meant for each other, or that it was anything other than a compromise between his preferred ending and what he thought the fans might want. But I don't think your opinion on that is unpopular at all, actually. I think a lot of L/V fans felt at least slightly satisfied/relieved by the ending. I didn't really find much to like about it, though. I didn't think it said very much about their journey, positive OR negative, despite the Pilot callbacks.

I don't go much into HP fandom, so I don't know about general opinions, but Book 6 is definitely the weak link in the series. I had a couple issues with Book 7, and the epilogue is right up there. Ugh.

But I frickin' love Rent.
harper47harper47 on March 3rd, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
Oh Jennifer - you had fun doing this didn't you?

Let's see - you know, I don't think you are overall wrong as in I think most people who like George Clooney or Johnny Depp just like them that's all. I think George is our modern day Rock Hudson. An okay actor who has moments of brilliance (fleeting but moments). He has the classic good looks that most people can identify with. Like Rock, he seems "available" since he hasn't married (Rock had the whole gay thing he had to hide and George has his whole perennial bachelor thing)and he is very media savvy. He knows when to joke, how to charm, he just knows how to work it.

Johnny Depp to me is our modern day Jack Nicholson. He follows his own drumbeat re what pictures he does, often losing himself a little in the role but he is, in the end, always Johnny. I applaud him as an actor for his willingness to take risks. Do I think he's the best actor out there? No but then there are only a few Daniel Day Lewis floating around.

But I will say I am not of the same opinion as you are about Orlando. He comes across as just a pretty boy to me. Sorry.

As for Titanic - yes, great movie, Gladiator - no. I'm not a Paltrow fan so I can't say I agree with you on Shakespeare in Love. I really liked SPR so I disagree here.

You know I'm a Logan fan forever and a day. At this point, I don't think I'm far enough away from the show to be objective because I keep stumbling over how much I dislike KB now. I'm glad I didn't have an opinion about her in the first season. I could root for her and Logan full out without any RL perceptions coloring my view. Unfortunately, the public persona of KB has forever influenced my view of Veronica. (and in Grey's it's the exact opposite. My loathing for Izzie makes me dislike KH everywhere!)

I have no opinion on Rent - it's not a show that I'm particularly into. And I don't watch AI.

I've never been a Wincest person. I think they have brother chemistry and that's all.

I don't watch The Office.

Good topic. Lots of discussion.
hiddeneloise: pic#69898699hiddeneloise on March 3rd, 2008 05:09 pm (UTC)

Not to be nit-picky, but when people claim their opinions are unpopular, it always rubs me the wrong way. Opinion is an opinion. It can very well be unpopular, but by putting a disclaimer on it makes it beg for some kind of special status. Whether intended or not. I know you aren't intending it. It's just when I hear "I do not understand how this or that person, this or that thing, this or that situation can be so popular/unpopular/adored/ignored/etc.," I tend to shrug. Unless it's science, it's subjective. Conditioned on too many things, like tastes, views, perspectives, imagination, experiences, personal preferences, good or bad associations and hormonal cycles. And whether we fall in with the majority or the minority on any given subject, all it says about our opinions is that they are ours.

Okay, that out of the way, I would probably disagree with half, agree with some, and have no opinion on others what so ever.

I like George Cloony. I don't think he is the greatest actor ever, or the best looking one. I love his humor, though, and his sane outlook, and given the industry, I think he deserves the standout status for that alone. :)

I like Johnny Depp. I think as an actor he shines. I also think that he tends to stick with the "quirky" parts because that's what he's known for, and it's becoming a crutch of sorts. I don't think he is taking risks or growing. I am not in love with his looks. Never was.

I love Amy Winehouse. No, she is not the greatest singer. Not even close. And her voice is not the strongest. Honestly, I don't care. The kind of smoky, cracked voices have always been my favorite type, so I'm susceptible. And I was never bothered by profanity. Goes with the mood. For me it's part of that semi-drunk feel, and while it's completely not for everybody, I get a tremendous kick out of it for the flashbacks to my misspent youth alone. LOL.

And while on the subject, Celine Dione... Great voice. That's about it for me. I can't think of a single song of hers I heard that didn't either annoy me or made want to pull my hair out with sheer generic boredom of it. Oh, well...

I have watched The Office for a while without paying careful attention. When I started paying it, I fell absolutely in love. It's my kind of "subtle to broad in one breath" humor. Absolutely my kind. I can live in that universe and find something new every day. Paul Lieberstein in particular I adore as a writer. As to Pam and Jim, I love them and that's that. I don't think they are over-rated. The other couples on the other hand? Total cartoons. Funny and grotesque to watch but unrelatable and therefore completely uninteresting to me in the long run. Watching Dwight and Angela do the mating dance is like watching animals at the zoo. Giggle-worthy. Sometimes sad. Sometimes horrifying. But I get tired of it. And Ryan and Kelly aren't a couple. They are cautionary tale.

I am not listing the opinions I share, because you already know all that.

As to the rest, I have never watched a single episode of Lost, Supernatural, American Idol and most of daytime television. So, I have no opinion on them.

Titanic gave me a headache. It's a sweeping saga, to be sure. It'll probably have its place in history alongside Gone with the Wind. Then again, Gone with the Wind gave me a headache as well. LOL. I guess it's not a question of over-rated or not for me. It's the "great, important, popular and I do not give a damn" situation. :)

And on the subject of not giving much of a damn either way, Tom Cruise, Shakespeare in Love, Rent, Pirates of the Carribian fall under that category. Don't love them, don't hate them, forget they exist most of the time. :)
eolivet on March 3rd, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
RENT is going to be in 30 years what "Hair" is now: dated. And nobody will get it who didn't experience it originally. ;p

I think I'm overly hostile towards "The Office" because I feel like it became the excuse for people to look down their noses at "Grey's Anatomy." Which sucks.

I wish more daytime actors would make the transition to Primetime! Some of those mid-'90s OLTL stars (Susan Haskell, Roger Howarth, Hillary B. Smith) were just outstanding (and why didn't GH's Jonathan Jackson ever get the career he so richly deserved, other than like..."Tuck Everlasting")

LOVE what you said about "Titanic"...it's so true. :D
Cynical Bitch: lifeunicorn23 on March 4th, 2008 02:11 am (UTC)
That was a fun and interesting read, as usual. I agree with a bunch of things on your list. If you don't mind, I'll add my thoughts to some of the items on your list.

- George Clooney. I'm really indifferent to him. I like him as a person and as an actor but apart from that, I don't really care for him. He's cool in my book though.

- Johnny Depp. Yup, 100% with you on this. And the reason I watched Pirates was because of Keira (I've only seen the first one) and partly because of Orlando. Reading what you wrote about Keira being overpraised kinda stung a little :p but I can totally see where you're coming from.

- Amy Winehouse. She's a pretty good artist but I'm not a big fan of all the craziness surrounding her personal life at the moment. If she straightens herself out, she'll gain a lot of fans.

- I agree a hundred million percent (tm Randy Jackson) that Gwyneth did not deserve that Best Actress Oscar over Cate Blanchett. WTF were they thinking??

- I don't mind Jack at all and he does have his ass-holish moments but most of the time, I just ignore him whenever he's onscreen. It's really a shame that you've stopped watching Lost because of him though. This season of Lost has been the best since season 1. Terrific episodes.

- The Office/Jim and Pam. I completely agree. Both overrated. I love the show and I love Jam but the hype is too much. I'm a Kelly/Ryan girl myself.

- Alex O'Loughlin. Is he the lead in Moonlight? If so, I've only seen one episode of this show (the pilot) and he wasn't very convincing as the lead. I also disliked the blonde female lead. Jason should have been the lead in this. What a shame. If he was the lead, I would have kept on watching the show.