Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Bow down to Ozzy, I do!

Hah, hah, hah, hah!!!!!

Ozzy isn't smart! HAH! Figuring out (ONCE AGAIN!!) the best way to win the challenge; I mean the guy is frickin' genius at the challenges. Pushing all the coconuts to the front so the others just had to dive. He's fricking genius. LOVE HIM!!!

And then finding the Hidden Idol in two seconds. Dude, LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! Then taking a a page from Yau-man's handbook (sniff, sniff, Yau-man), showing that he has a brain and a memory and knows how to use it. Yeah baby. I know it didn't look like much from what we saw, but I think he carved a head and stuff into the front part and carved markings towards the bottom that we just didn't see it.

Anyhoo, Ozzy rocks and rocks and then he rocks some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM beyond!! Woohoo, the Ozz-man!!!!

You know who also rocks? Tracy! Go girl, totally playing on Joel's dumb-ass vanity. Tracy just took control in a big way.

Hmm, one more Ozzy-related thought. I do rather wonder if there just might be something going on secretly between Ozzy and Jonathan because they sure kept on a'hugging after the immunity challenge. Hmm.

Hmm, next week the tribes merge. As long as my Ozzy is safe, I'm happy. I just hope he doesn't tell anyone about the Idol, even his girlfriend, but he might. Sigh. Still, he should make it through for quite a bit more time because he continues to prove how indispensable he is. Obviously, that's a problem too though because they won't want him to get to the final three, but hopefully he pulls enough wins that he only has to use the immunity idol once. Hopefully.

Final word on Ozzy: I love you. I love you so. You da man!!!!!!!

Over on AI ... God, the opening number, MYGOD! Amanda Overmeyer SUCKS SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- My beloved Danny is safe!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! For the record, Jason Yeager is gone!

- Brooke is safe again. Yay, yay, yay. Love her!!!)

- Amanda is safe!!?!??! What the fuck?!?!? SHE IS TERRIBLE, AMERICA!!!!! Alexandra Lushington is gone. She had weak moments last night definitely, but over Amanda?!?!?!? Oy.

- I wasn't impressed with Alaina, but Kady's version of "Magic Man" was HORRIFIC!!! Oy. Dang, girl is taking it terribly. Wow, I've never seen someone flat-out say they can't sing on their ouster. She really did not think that she was going. Okay. Aww, she pulled it together enough to sing. Good for her!

Oh, please, please, please let Luke Menard go home. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed because he sucks so much, so, so, so, so, did I mention sooooooooooooooooo much!!! What the hell?!?!? Teeny-boppers, yes he's cute, but he is an awful singer. LORDY!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: american idol, brooke white, ozzy, survivor, tv

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