Arabian (arabian) wrote,

AI thoughts (real quick)

So my remote wasn't working and I couldn't watch AI without the fast-forward button and that just ain't happening, so it had to wait until it worked. This morning, it was fixed and so I zipped through the top 10 guys/girls and my thoughts.

- I LOVE Danny Noriega, even when he picks the wrong songs. I love HIM! Love him, love him, love him. I like his voice, I love his attitude. Love him!

- Danny Archuleta does have a good voice, but that song is NOT a showcase song, ah well. He did do well.

- I LOVE Brooke White. Fabulous song choice, and she was fabulous. Love her. Love her. Love her.

Everyone else, meh.
Tags: american idol, brooke white, tv

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