Arabian (arabian) wrote,

And they cut Josiah!?!?!??!?

Comments for last night's AI.

I was quite appalled with what I saw last night on AI. After almost every performance, I thought -- and Josiah isn't here?!??!!? I know some didn't like him (especially by the end), but when Simon was talking about being "relevant" in today's music over and over, I about lost it. Josiah was THE most relevant in today's music singer this show has EVER HAD!!!!!!! and they frickin' cut him!?!??!

I just didn't care about any performance. Okay, that's not true. I liked Danny Noriega's swagger and attitude. I like Michael Johns, but dude, he was totally channeling Jim Morrison and failing. David Hernandez bores me ridiculously and that last note was BAAAD. David Archuleta was so nervous, it affected his performance. Everyone else was either bad, boring or both.

Ugh. What an awful night to begin the semi's with. And, dangit, I felt Josiah's absence!
Tags: american idol, josiah lemming, tv

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