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11 February 2008 @ 08:54 am
So I was wondering ...  
Okay for those on my flist who are watching Lost, I've heard, of course, that the last season really picked up in the second half (after I stopped watching) and that this season is great so far. I'm considering it picking it up again, watching those episodes and getting all caught up again, but I have to ask first ... Since I hate Jack and find him the most irritating, annoying, loathsome, ass-ish character on television right now should I bother? Really, I can't watch a Jack scene without thinking "asshole." So should I give the show another shot or is it still so Jack-heavy, Jack the hero, Jack the perfect, Jack the always right, Jack the terminally boring, please gouge my eyes out and put me out of my misery? I mean feeling the way I do about Jack, would I still enjoy the show? (Uhm, I also can't stand the idea of Jack/Kate. It's not that I'm a Kate/Sawyer shipper, although I like them, I've liked Kate with Locke and Sayid as well; it's just Kate with Jack I can't stand. Hmm, must be Jack in the equation.)

Secondly, am I the ONLY person who can never figure out who's getting voted out on reality shows? I read all the time at TWoP, on my flist people commenting on how, 'well the editing was so obvious, of course, so and so was going.' Except for Make Me a Supermodel, which is dependent upon the viewer vote -- and I've guessed every week right so far, I am ALWAYS wrong in guessing who goes home. Every dang time. So am I that dense that I never can figure it out? And my flist is well aware that I watch a lot of TV, so I should be able to see plot twists, etc, but I never figure out from the supposedly "obvious" editing (heck, even on America's Next Top Model) who's going on. Seriously, is it just me?

Thanks in advance.
harper47harper47 on February 11th, 2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
Okay - here's my two cents. Lost is pretty Jack heavy in the second half of the season last year. He's not always a hero but he is there alot. So if you want Lost, you do have to take a heavy dose of Jack. I think Lost had a superb second half last year and really upped their game. I was very meh about it before this so . . . . . I say watch it but there is a lot of Jack.

Secondly, usually the winner/loser gets more airtime anytime they are going to figure prominently in the episode. That's usually the key. And there are buzz words that usually always denote an offing. On TAR - you never say you're the smartest racer. On Survivor, you never talk confidently. Model - not sure. It's more airtime that is the key for me.
eolivet on February 11th, 2008 04:08 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with harper47 -- although I think the first six eps of "Lost" were more Jack/Kate/Sawyer-heavy than specifically Jack-heavy (because he was actually separated from Kate and Sawyer, he'd get more scenes by himself, whereas they'd get scenes together).

The reason the second half (after the first six) were so good is because it focused on more castaways (Locke has a great arc in there, if you like him :) But since Jack was separated from the other castaways, he does get more scenes "on his own." If that makes any sense.

As for reality TV, to me, it's about thinking like a producer and saying "What would the audience be the most shocked by?" As harper said, a big key is an unusual amount of screentime (for someone who's been on the periphery). But reality editing, to me, is like a game -- and the editors are constantly trying to throw you off-track. So, if you're sure that it looks like somebody is going home (from everything they're showing), they're probably not -- because that wouldn't be the most "shocking."

Once you know the "rules," it's easier to learn their "game." :)
Mia: Sawyer_Miamusing_mia on February 11th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
I hate Jack. Every ep I'm hoping someone will haul off and knock him to the ground. That said, last season was better because he was separate from the Losties for much of it. The season finale was the best because it put Jack in a position that made him more tolerable.
nocturnes: Let love slip through our fingers I saymidnight_27 on February 11th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
I skipped last season (except for the finale) and just started back this season. I'm not lost (pun intended) and I'm not sure how Jack-centric the previous episodes were.

Depends on which reality shows, I find that for Amazing Race whoever wins most of the rounds almost never come out on top.