Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Nights 7/8

Once we get to the semi's, these will be done in a more timely manner. Anyoen who reads these, knows the drill ...

Atlanta (Woohoo, my home state now!!)

- Joshua Jones - He has a good voice, but he does have to work on the "demonic" eyes.

- Asia'H Epperson - She has a good voice, but her voice was breaking so much and I don't know if that was because of the emotion about her dad, or her normal singing voice. But I like her.

- Brooke Helvie - Really good voice, good control, but eh, she could be a little annoying, but I like her.

- Alexandra Lushington - Oh, I can already see all of the puns that will be made on the "lush" of her last night, and I might as well start it ... Lushington does have a lush voice.

- Amanda Overmeyer - She's good, BUT I don't know if she'd be able to handle other musical genres.

- Josiah Leming - You could hear his nerves, but I LOVED his voice. He reminds me of The Fray/Snow Patrol lead singers. And good song. (Hah, I wrote Snow Patrol before Randy said it.) Hah, Chasing Cars ... hee hee. Yeah, he sounds like the Snow Patrol singer, and I LOVE SP. But he's different enough, I like him. They better say YES! WOOHOO!! He's through. I like him lots!

- Amy Davis - I liked her voice a lot. She needs to tone it down a bit, but I think she has tremendous potential and you can hear the nerves. (Man, I COULD so be a judge on this show, I think a lot of things that they say.)

What a cute little puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww, Simon likes the puppy.

- Cardin Lee McKinney - I like her name a lot. I like her voice a lot too. I agree with Simon about what he said though, she sounded a bit Broadway to me, but I LOVE Broadway. I'm glad she was given a chance.

- Joanne Borghella - Yeah, she has a good voice, but it took me FOREVER to identify the song and I KNOW that song, and even when she said the name of the song, I thought she had the wrong title. So, that's an issue. I agree with Simon, but I'm willing to see how she does in Hollywood, because I think she might surprise me (and Simon).

- Chikezie Eze - I like his voice, very beautiful. Luther-like, but (confession here, I'm not a big Luther fan) better than Luther. I really disagree with Simon here. Boo! Hiss! Yay, I'm glad he made it through.

- Danny Noriega - What a mature voice for his age. Really good. I like him. He has presence too. I like that slight edge to his voice, and his phrasing is good. I like him a lot.
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