Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Make Me a Supermodel

I haven't posted about this yet so I won't reveal any spoiler before the cut when I say that MAN, was I pissed at one particular person in the bottom three tonight. Grrrr.


I'm a rare Frankie fan, so maybe this is coming from that angle, but I was REALLY pissed that he was in the bottom-three. The designer from the fashion show labeled him one of the best, said the nicest things about him after Ben. And on top of that, he wasn't bitchy or snotty when the judges disagreed with what the designer said. He honestly said that he felt he was a bit stiff. Yes, he can be rude and obnoxious, but he's clearly young and just stupid because he's a young guy, but he also really is taking this seriously and has the absolute right attitude. He keeps saying, and it sure seems like he means it, that he's going to take every negative and learn from it.

I expect him to go because I'm sure I'm in the minority in liking him. Normally, I'd want whoever wasn't Ronnie or Kady to go, but I like Frankie the most, and whether it was a deliberate move in the editing tonight or not, I am less impressed with her. Smoking, not eating properly, and she DOES look a bit puffier. So yeah, I want Kady to go if it means that Frankie gets another shot.

Man, I'm still pissed he was so undeservedly put in the bottom three. The frickin' designer had nothing but praise for him and yet he's in the bottom three?! That's just wrong. That's just wrong.
Tags: tv

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