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07 February 2008 @ 09:22 pm
Ahem, otherwise known as Survivor.

Thoughts -- beyond Ozzy-love -- behind the cut. Obviously spoilers for tonight's episode.

I so wish Yau-man was on the same team as Ozzy and James, ah well. I'm also hoping that Cirrie joins Ozzy and James. I watch every Survivor so would have watched this regardless, but for me it's all about OZZY!!! Every Survivor since Cook Islands, I think and miss Ozzy every episode (especially during the challenges). I think he looks absolutely adorable, will still be the challenge monster and unlike during CI, he seems to already have his head on more firmly.

I'm glad Johnny Fairplay is gone, and do wonder if he was always planned to be a one-or-two ep player based on who when Tribal happened for the Favorites.

I won't lie and say that I want anyone other than Ozzy to win, but I'd be happy with Yau-man as well. Aww heck, even Jonathan would do for me. I may not like all the favorites, but with Ozzy, Yau-man, Jonathan, James and Cirree there I'm a happy viewer. And tonight, while a tad anti-climatic, was still enjoyable.

As for fans? Well, we just don't know them yet, so we'll see. Good for them that they won, but I think Ozzy was right when he said that this loss was the kick in the ass they need

ETA: More Ozzy thoughts based on the constant references to his bad social game and, well, stupidity. What I'm wondering is where the idea that Ozzy has such a horrible social game is coming from? In his season, he was the leader and clearly charismatic enough to get there with his original Latino tribe. Then he became the lone Latino on his tribe when his former tribemate was voted out first once the tribes merged, yet he managed to stick around for a few weeks more. True, he probably would have gone had the mutiny not happened, but before then he didn't do anything to piss anyone off, kept quiet and did his work at the challenges and around camp so he was able to stick around until that happened, and his going would have had nothing to do with his social ineptness but due to the fact the other members already had an alliance. Then once the Aitu Four emerged, clearly he bonded with the the other three, so socially he fit in with them. And once all the teams merged, there was no specific animosity towards him. In fact, there was even worries that members from the other tribe would side with Ozzy or would get Ozzy over to the other side because they liked him. So again, where's the bad social game? I don't get it. As for smarts, he's not a dumb cookie. He did everything he needed to do to get as far in CI as he could, including kicking ass in the challenges, not just physically, but figuring out the best way to approach each challenge -- including the puzzling ones, and he ended up runner-up with 4/5 votes against possibly the most popular Survivor winner ever.

I think that he and Yau-man would be an awesome team (and I did note that it was Ozzy who was right beside Yau-man helping him with the husk and what-not when Yau-man started the fire). Throw Cirrie into the mix, and yes, Amanda -- she had some great gameplay before her meltdown in the last episode ... man, those four would be formidable. (I love Jonathan, but he's too emotional, and I think too fond of making his one-liners, 'aren't I great?' to truly be part of a team the way that Ozzy, Yau-man and Cirrie have shown.)

Man, I so need to make an Ozzy icon.
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sourisvho: fnl julie happysourisvho on February 8th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
It was so fun to see the "favorites" again. I'd forgotten how hot Ozzy is! And, honestly, I think Jonathan is kind of hot, too. There's nobody on the faves that I loathed during their season except for Fairplay, and he's gone now, so yay! Honestly, I think he was totally putting on an act. I mean, it's not like he's actually going home -- he's going to the Loser Lodge until the game is over. What-ever. I wonder why nobody seemed to be going after Cirrie to try to get her on their side?

I did feel cheated out of getting to know any of the fans, except for the crazy lady. The firefighter is MASSIVE, though. I think he might be The Thing from the Fantastic Four.
Arabian: FNL_Timarabian on February 8th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
Ozzy really looks so dang adorable. I heart him so. I do think Jonathan is good-looking as well.

I noticed that Ozzy was squeezing Cirrie's shoulder at one point, and in the water Cirrie specifically referened Ozzy, so I'm hoping that's foreshadowing that she'll join his alliance.

I think it just seemed so lopsided in knowing the fans because we don't know them. Normally at this point we'd be in the dark mostly about both tribes.
harper47harper47 on February 8th, 2008 01:24 pm (UTC)
You and I are on the same boat Jennifer. I want Ozzy to win, I want Cirie to join their group (because they need her with James and Pavarti) and I too think the Johnny Fairplay stuff must have been planned.

That was just so freaking out of the blue. I think it was a he's a name, get his money and then vote him out before he ruins the season. Because that was just weird. But I hate him so I'm glad I won't have to listen to him anymore.

I just found the whole first challenge weird. Ozzie is great a puzzles and I don't understand why they were so slow at putting this one together. The cynical side of me wonders if they "let" the fans win. Let them win, make it dramatic, get rid of Fairplay all in one swoop.

Still I wish Ozzie was with Yauman and Jonathan but maybe he's remembering that he lost to the older guy last time and decided to try his luck with a younger alliance.

I'm good with Ozzie, Yauman, or Jonathan winning. No one else from the faves.

Yes, make an Ozzy icon.
Arabian: Ozzyarabian on February 8th, 2008 02:03 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping that all four (Ozzy, Yauman, Jonathan and Cirrie) stick around long enough to have to team up together. I'd love that.

Yes, make an Ozzy icon.

Done. Hee!