Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Nights 5/6

A bit late, but here we go with nights 5 and 6. As always who I like or think has a good shot behind the cut.

Omaha, Nebraska

Jason Rich - good voice, a bit out of control though. And boy does he have to NOT have those memory problems come Hollywood or he's history. Frankly, I'm surprised Simon let him through with that many do-overs.

Rachael Wicker - very country, but I like country. If she makes it through she's gonna have to show she can do more than country.

Samantha Sidley - very nice voice, I wonder how she'll sound singing something other than Norah Jones because she sounds a lot like Norah Jones. (Poor girl being stuck between the judges and Ryan, sigh.)

Angelica Puente - I agree with Simon with effort she could be really good, but she does have to find her own voice. She has promise, but she needs to work on it.

David Cook - Really good voice, not what I was expecting. I like.

Leo Marlowe - I like him. He just, good voice, nice guy ... I like him.

Miami, Florida

Robbie Carrico - good voice and he has charisma.

Corliss Smith - she's too vibrato-y for me, but she has a style and I can see her getting through.

Brittany Wescott - she's good, but old-fashioned, I like her better than Corliss.

Ramiele Malubay - I don't like that she's singing a signature Kelly song (big pet peeve of mine), but she has a good voice, if too big for her own good. She went off-key and had some pitch problems and was too loud. She has promise though.

Syesha Mercado - She's good, but again TOO BIG, people there's such a thing as volume control, look into it. Sigh. Lovely girl though and has promise.

Natashia Blach - Niiiice voice, I like. Much better control than the last two girls.

Ilsy Pinot - Good voice, interesting.

Man was the last 15 minutes or so of this episode a total waste of time or what? Man.
Tags: american idol, david cook, tv

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