Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Eli Stone' Premiere

I only watched this because I found the commercials for it intriguing enough. My thoughts ...

I enjoyed it. I didn't love LOVE it, but I really did enjoy it. I almost teared up towards the end, and I found all of the characters likable. I'm not sold on Natasha Henstridge as the fiancee (she looks older than Eli, and being taller than him, it's a little off-kilter), but I adore Victor Garber -- and didn't even know he would be on the show, so that's a plus. Jonny Lee miller was very good and I liked Frank/Mr. Chin as well.

It may be too preachy, too "good," but it's under the vision of Greg Berlanti and while I may have not stuck with Everwood, I respected and liked what he did with it and I ADORE Brothers & Sisters. So I'm very willing to keep watching.

After all, you've gotta have faith.
Tags: eli stone, tv

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