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Belbin/Agosto Free Dance at the US Nationals

I watched Belbin/Agosto in Torino and loved their dancing (and think they should have won the Gold as opposed to the highest-ranking US ice dancing team at the Olympics ever-silver), but with all of my other obsessions and busy, busy times in my life I didn't keep up with the skating scene. Well, I happened to catch the US Figure Skating Championships this weekend (well, the first part, it ends tomorrow) and while I don't know if they've won their record-tying fifth US National champion win -- I'm off to bed, will watch the rest tomorrow -- I will say this about their free dance ...

WOW! That was seriously THE best ice dance routine I've ever seen (and yes, I'm a Torvill & Dean fan). I was nearly breathless watching it, mouth open in shock, wanting it desperately to be over because I was afraid that they simply could not sustain such perfection, but they did! It was absolutely stunning, an amazing, tour-de-force performance. I'm overwhelmed and if they can continue to pull the stops out like this, maybe in 2010 they'll get the Gold. (Oh, and based on their scores, even though there were ice dancers left to compete, I'm 100% sure B&A won, thus my lack of need to watch it to see the results tonight.)

It was just absolutely amazing. Anyone interested in figure skating at all, keep an eye out for this performance on youtube. If anyone is interested, let me know in this entry and I'll post the youtube link as soon as I see it.

Just fantabulous.

ETA: Okay, it's up on youtube. Here is the embedded video.
Tags: belbin & agosto, ice dancing

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