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AI likes ... Night 1 & 2 (Philadelphia &

I did this last year and actually did a pretty good job in picking more than half of the eventual top 12, and I also had the final three listed in my faves, so I figured, eh, might as well do it again.

Auditions #1, Philadelphia

Joey Catalano - I really thought he'd be a lousy singer with that lead-in, but dang, what a beautiful, beautiful voice. Lovely delivery and phrasing. I LIKE!

Melanie Nyema - Really nice voice that I think would be better once she loses some of her nerves.

Jonathan Baines - Good voice, potential for cuteness.

Angela Martin - I'm so glad that she has such a good voice because I actually did feel for her story (I've worked with individuals with MR/DD) and I hope she goes far if only so that she does get more financial security to help her daughter. Taking the story out of it though, she really does have a fabulous voice. I did agree with Simon about the mannerisms and extras she throws in, though.

Kristy Lee Cook - A bit vibrato-y, but that could be nerves. A bit country, but I like country. Overall, lovely, lovely voice singing a hard song to sing well. And she's pretty. You know that's a factor.

Beth Stalker - She sounded out of the 40's (a little like Ella Fitzgerald and I LOVES me some Ella), so I'm not sure she'd go far in this competition, in this day and age, but my, what a beautiful voice. My favorite so far.

Chris Watson - I don't think he's all that, BUT he's pretty, has charisma and does have a good voice. I could see him growing on me, and going far.

Brooke White - I liked her, and agree with Randy's description. I just liked her. Pretty voice.

Auditions #2, Dallas

You know I like the Kelly intro, but DAMN, are they working overtime to cut Justin out of the picture. They don't even show her winning moment now (just the voiceover over other shots) because you can't see the winning moment without Justin. Fuckers. Ahem. Moving on ... (Scared too, but moving on because I know there are going to be a LOT of Kelly songs sung here. And it won't be pretty for the most part.)

Jessica Brown - Really, really nice voice. I really liked her voice a lot. It's like they didn't want her to stop singing, it was so pretty.

Alaina Whitaker - Good voice, but I wasn't horribly impressed with her attitude. But really good voice ... if pushed a tad too hard.

Pia Easley - Good voice, I could see her going farther, but I don't love her, but I like her. We'll see.

Brandon Green - He has a really good voice, really, but man, I was REALLY turned off by the peeling nails story. ICK!!! But really good voice. Really good.

I CAN'T believe they let Kayla Hatfield through. She was horrible! MY GOD! Lovely personality, great story, but TERRIBLE SINGER! What the hell??!!

Kady Malloy - When she stopped impersonating, very pretty voice.

Kyle Ensley - Oh, I liked him!! And, yes, please DON'T go the evilClay route!!!!

Colton Swon - I liked his voice a lot. I know, I know, this pretty boring commentary, but eh, I'm sick, that's my excuse.

Oy, this "Since U Been Gone" montage is frickin' scary!! Oh, my Kelly!

I've been to Burleson!!! Yes, I went there AS a Kelly fan and it was AWESOME!!! I talked to her former theater boss, and went upstairs to his office and saw some autographed Kelly/Justin stuff. 'Twas awesome. Ah, I was once so insanely obsessed with Kelly (and Justin). I've calmed down. But Kelly's still the BESTEST idol EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, moving on ...

Okay, I admit it, I was entertained by Reynaldo and the editing job done on Simon at the end. I admit it. Does that make me a bad, bad person?

Word to those who want to watch these auditions really quickly -- fastforward through the bad performances, you get through a two-hour show in about 40 minutes or less. I actually got through 4 hours worth in an hour. Go me!! Is it me and my fast-forwarding, though, or were there less bad vocalists than normal? Have *GASP* the producers actually paid attention to the fact that they had WAY too many bad ones last year?
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