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I did this TV-related trivia ages ago, and totally forgot to provide the answers, so here they be.

1. What dropped character trait was not quite dropped yet from Logan in the Veronica Mars Pilot?

Logan was supposed to be from New York, thus Logan's NY accent in a few scenes (most notable in Veronica's flashback when Logan confronts her in the library.)

Guessed by no one.

2. What is unique about Friday Night Light's directing technique?

There are no set marks. The actors do their thing and the cameras find them.

sourisvho had the right idea, but mastermia described it perfectly (so much that I just used her description, LOL!).

3. What producer of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer appeared in which episode of the show doing what?

Heh, trick question, there were two! David Fury sang briefly about mustard and Marti Noxin (ack! begone foul writer!!) sang about the parking tickets.

Correctly guessed fully by mastermia and eolivet, although she did guess at Fury and wasn't sure about Noxin. aoimidori and sourisvho got Marti Noxin right.

4. What former primetime actor was offered a regular role on Farscape after his one-episode stint on the show, but turned it down to join an American soap opera?

Paul Leyden. He was on the short-lived LAX starring Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood -- the hot, tall Australian -- who played Captain Larraq in the Farscape episode of "A Bug's Life." He was offered a regular gig on that show, but instead chose to play Simon Frasier on As the World Turns.

Guessed by sourisvho. Yes, yummy. I've met him a few times and talked to him on the phone a few times too, he's very, very good-looking and had a truly delicious accent. Alas, the Australian is fading the longer he's here in the US.

5. What X-Files episode was aired only once Fox network, and never rerun on the network?

"Home," it was deigned too disgustingly disturbing. Pfft. That episode was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (Of course, this lack of offense is coming from someone who didn't think that Sin City was that violent at all.)

Guessed by leucocrystal, eolivet and mastermia.

6. What are the names of the Jim/Pam counterparts in the original British version of The Office, and what American show did British "Pam" have a recurring role on?

Tim/Dawn, and Lucy Davis (Pam) played Lucy on Studio 60. (I don't think she'd been on Californication when I wrote this, but I could be wrong.)

Plenty got this one! the_spin, hiddeneloise, leucocrystal and mastermia. sourisvho got the show.

7. What is off about the Scrubs opening credits?

At the end of the credits, JD puts an x-ray scan on the lightboard and it's placed backwards.

Guessed by the_spin, aoimidori and mastermia.

8. Who was originally cast in the roles of Nora and Kevin on Brothers & Sisters?

Betty Buckley played Nora, and no offense to her, but thank goodness they recast with Sally Field because she is soooooooooooo unbelievably awesome in the role. Jonathan LaPaglia played Kevin. Not as huge a 'thank God recast,' but Matthew Rhys is pretty awesome as well and I'm quite, quite happy with him in the role.

Guessed by eolivet (albeit questioned on JLP, LOL) and mastermia correctly got Betty Buckley as Nora.

9. Which cast members appeared in every episode of Joan of Arcadia but the Pilot?

Adam (Christopher Marquette) and Grace (Becky Wahlstrom) were in every episode but the Pilot.

Guessed partially only by mastermia who said Adam.

10. Who was the first character to say C.J.'s non-initialed name in which episode of The West Wing? (Bonus: What is C.J.'s full name?)

Claudia Jean Cregg, and it was first said by Josh with this dialogue in the pre-credits opening scene in ep 1.9, "The Short List."
Josh: It's done.
C.J.: We did it!
Josh: It is done!
C.J.: It's done!
Donna: Who did it?
C.J.: We did it!
Josh: I did it! C.J. was on the phone with her fingers crossed.
C.J.: All you did was just one phone call.
Josh: It was a series of phone calls, which I masterminded, while I'm not one to be selfish about credit, I think it is important to know that it is done, and I DID IT! Donna, call Toby. Call Sam. Call Leo. Call the president. Tell them I'm on my way over.
C.J.: Congratulations!
Josh: Nothing to the press.
C.J.: Yes. [starts to walk away]
Josh: Claudia Jean?
C.J.: Yeah?
Josh: We did it!
C.J.: Yeah! (They hug tight.)
And thus began my ridiculous, no-chance-in-hell, but there-you-have-it shipping of Josh and C.J. LOL!

C.J's full name was guessed by many -- the_spin, hiddeneloise, sourisvho and mastermia -- but no one got the episode or that Josh is the one who first said her full name.

So, great job all with a big WOOHOO! to mastermia who guessed (at least partially) 8 of them.
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