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Dune again --- Hope springs eternal

I doubt it's well known on my flist, but Frank Herbert's Dune is my favorite book of all time. I love the whole series, but the first is my favorite. I also love David Lynch and think he's a brilliant director, but his Dune (especially the casting of Sean Young as Chani ... wrong, wrong, wrong -- Chani was a winner, Young? Not so much) just did not work. Then came the Sci-fi special which had some great things about it (namely Alec Newman as Paul and Julie Cox as Irulan), but overall, I found it worse than Lynch's Dune, because it was so cold and austere, led not by just the frigid colors, but William Hurt's performance as Duke Leto.

So, with the news that Peter Berg is directing a new version of Dune, I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll get it right this time. Hopefully.
Ladies and gentlemen, the next huge sci-fi franchise has a director. During an interview with “The Kingdom” director Peter Berg, he confirmed the rumor that “Dune” is coming and that he’s the one that will helm it. Calling the plans for him to direct “a done deal,” Berg told me that “if it weren’t for the writer’s strike, we’d be in it right now.”

Berg says that while there’s no script yet, they have a list of writers they plan to go out to once the strike settles. The helmer called himself “a huge fan of the book” and when asked about the scale of the film, he simply replied, “big big big.”

As any fan of the Frank Herbert classic knows, “Dune” received the big screen treatment once before in a divisive David Lynch film. Berg said that while he’s “a big fan of Lynch,” he believes “that interpretation has left the door wide open for a remake.”
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