Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I love Grey's Anatomy; I hate Meredith Grey

I love almost all of the other characters, but Meredith, ugh! I just can not stand her. Ellen Pompeo may be a perfectly lovely person and she's a decent actress, but I swear she has a negative Q factor, an annoying, whining voice, bland, boring features and I just can not stand Meredith AT ALL.

I honestly think that I would adore this show and it very well might be my favorite on air right now were it not for how much hatred I feel for the title character. I heart Izzy (Katherine Heigl is a goddess!), I adore George (T.R. Knight so damn lovable and adorable); Christina is a riot (Sandra Oh can do no wrong); Bailey is beyond awesome (as is Chandra Wilson), etc. and so on and so forth. Hell, I even love Addison (Kate Walsh rocks). So most of the characters I really love. Tthe two I don't are Derek and Alex. Derek is a jerk as far as I'm concerned, but Patrick Dempsey is so dreamy I forgive him. Can't Buy Me Love solidified my love and it's never waned. And Alex is such a cliche, it's not even funny and Justin Chambers brings absolutely nothing new to the cliche as far as I'm concerned and is a subpar actor -- the weakest of the cast, not very charismatic. He's handsome, but nothing to write home about, imo. Plus, I think he and KH have like zero chemistry -- unlike her and TRK. Yes, I totally heart Izzy/George as a potential couple.

Anyhoo, my long rambling point is that I do think it's a testament to how damn addictive this show is that I love it so, even whilst hating the main character with a fiery passion reserved for Jack Shepard, Duncan Kane, Sonny Corinthos and Drew Jacobs. And I really, really, REALLY hate those four (DK the least of the bunch, surprisingly). But I do love the show -- I would probably want to marry it and have a million babies with it if I didn't despise Meredith so. Ugh, ugh, ugh.
Tags: grey's anatomy, tv

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