Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Survivor Results!

GO ME!!!

I wrote this after the very first episode of this season:

- Todd ... Gay Mormon Flight Attendant!! LOVE. Seriously, he's tied as my favorite right now. "That's a looot of money." It certainly helps that in my flight attendant years, I knew a few like him. He's smart; he's sharp and I think we'll get some great one-liners from him.

And he won the whole shebang. You know, it's interesting because prior to tribal council I soooo wanted Amanda to win. Seriously, it was her or bust (okay, I admit I would have liked for Courtney too. What can I say? Girl grew on me.), but after tribal council? Well, Peig Gee said it best when talking about being tired of Amanda's doe-eyes and apologetic stares. Not to mention her lame-ass answers. After tribal council, I wanted Todd to win based on his awesome answers, and yeah, I still would have been cool with Courtney winning.

Soooooooooooooo, I was happy with Todd winning and Courtney garnering a few votes. Go Courtney!! But, yay for Todd. He did play the best game overall, and Amanda just blew it, completely blew it, at tribal council. So go Todd!!
Tags: survivor, tv

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