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Love for VM? It's Still Possible ... Who Knew?

I have to say that I really, really enjoyed it. I'd list it as the third best episode of the season, behind Ahoy Matey's, Rat Saw God and before Cheatty Cheatty Bang Banig and My Mother the Fiend (the only five episodes I've actually liked this season).

What I loved:

  • The Logan/Veronica/Weevil scene - I rather thought Veronica was once again an unconscionable bitch to Logan for no reason when I first watched it, but I was wrong. I was projecting my expectation of her just being mean to him as she's been all season, but the scene really worked for me the second time I watched it. I really got the impression that it was Logan's plea that got her to change her mind and there was this focus and intensity between them.

  • Wallace and Veronica - I know the issues in their relationship that led to him leaving in Blast from the Past haven't been explored and probably never will, but dangit, I don't care. I just really, really like them together. I adore their friendship and I've really missed it. Percy and Kristen just have a really nice working vibe that plays beautifully and I like watching it.

  • THIS was my Veronica. I agree with those who have said that the moment when Veronica turned and looked back at the singer as he was singing her name and the camera focused for a moment as if it hit Veronica in that moment, I AM Veronica (the REAL Veronica) and I LIKE HER!!! And now that Duncan was gone, it was like THAT Veronica could come back and she was. YAY!

  • I'm glad that the lack of trust between Keith and Veronica was mentioned. I would have preferred to see a bit more strain and tension between them, but at least there was acknowledgement of it.

  • The bus crash thing was picked up beautifully and I love the way Gia's info about Woody was delivered. Very well done.

  • Speaking of the interviews, Kyle Gallner is just a really good actor. He conveys so much of who his character is in just a few phrases with his voice, his eyes, his body language. I do adore him.

  • You all know I'm not a fan of Lamb, but this amount of him I can deal with. Having him so front and center in episodes like Donut Run and even that bit in Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner are just too much for him. I want him as the annoying caricature who has no depth. Those characters DO work in moderation. Too much and Lamb just becomes a 'get him off my screen' character. This episode, he was fine.

  • Tessa Thompson/Jackie - I know that many hate her, sigh. I never did, I didn't like her much, but I had such a soft spot for Thompson that I couldn't hate her and in this episode, I admit it, I loved her. I thought she was just adorable and I loved her so much. And for the first time, I saw this spark between her and Wallace. I'm glad that she's not gone.

  • Cliff! - I loved Veronica's, "I know *a* lawyer." Because that's just Cliff. Remember that note above about Lamb, it doesn't apply to Cliff. Cliff we need to see more, lots and lots and lots more of. Like make him a regular cast member. Like Jason Dohring, Daran Norris makes EVERY SINGLE MOMENT count. I heart him so!

  • Lars looking at over at yet another girl he's with swooning over (we know professional) singer performing karaoke after him. Heeheehee. I dig this little continuting motif.

  • Logan/Weevil - These scenes were much better than last week's where they rather dragged (which I wholly blame on the direction by Rob Thomas). I just like them working together. They're fun.

  • Weevil - We really got to see a lot of shades to Weevil in this episode and that was great. His interaction with Logan, Veronica, Molly, the PCHers was just well done. Francis Capra rocked this ep.

  • The Felix mystery - Very interesting. I liked THIS twist! that the one PCHer that Weevil trusted was the one who was the baddie! And Hector (who we actually have known since the Pilot) showed remorse for what was happening to Weevil. And poor Weevil had to ride the bus! and deal with Dick, but I like that his badass! was still in high gear. Hahaha! It's interesting that we now know who did kill Felix, but it won't be revealed. I wonder if Weevil will tell Logan?

  • Which leaves us with Logan, and not enough of him, but he sure was pretty. I just -- you can so tell that Jason really does work to make every scene count because every line, movement, expression just zings.

    What I didn't love:

    I only have ONE negative thing to say about the whole episode, just ONE!!!! Woohoo!!!

  • I was a little annoyed that they re-used a well-remembered snappy line (from Weapons of Class Destruction, no less!) "I think it and it happens" and for some throw-away character even. Recycling dialogue, not a good idea.

    From what I know of future episodes, VM (emphasis on VM) may very well finally be back on track which I think tells just how wrong and screwed up and lacking in anything resembling good that Duncan and his story was. I honestly believe that EVERYTHING I disliked about episodes 1-11 was rooted in Duncan's story. THANK GOD HE'S GONE!!! Now, if only he was gone from the credits too.
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