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04 November 2007 @ 11:58 am
Pet Peeve that drives me bonkers  
I'm sure I've mentioned this at least once in regards to Teddy Dunn at least, but I've felt this way about other actors of less-than-shining talent, and the outraged reaction to those who call for their firing. Why is calling for an actor to be fired a horrible thing? It's a job and if someone is not properly doing their job, they shouldn't keep that job. If it were a salesperson who was unable to make a sale, they'd likely be fired because they were doing a poor job. Acting, while entertainment, is still a job for the actors and if someone feels that they aren't properly doing their job (ie, acting badly), then to say that person shouldn't keep their job isn't a personal attack; it's a statement of opinion on how they're doing their job.

It's just such a big pet peeve of mine how actors seem to get a free-ride for doing a bad job at their craft simply because it's acting, as opposed to normal, everyday jobs that most individuals have. A job is a job, if you don't perform it well, you shouldn't keep it.