Arabian (arabian) wrote,

DwtS Results

No results spoilers really. I'll just say that I'm not surprised and am cool with who went home. As for one of the guest performers ...

"Thriller" moves, schmiller moves, I don't care. I FRIGGIN' love Wade Robson. That was frickin' fantastic. I do wonder (with this being ABC and all) if this means that he's done with SYTYCD or because they aren't in direct competition if one has nothing to do with the other. I sure hope so because while pretentious he may get sometimes, and a tad overly reliant on "Thriller" moves, schmiller moves, I still think he's amazingly talented and 'twould be a pity to not continue to see his work.

Now a question of my fellow SYTYCD watchers, how many of you had even a second's thought of, 'man, how awesome would it be to see THAT routine on SYTYCD as group number?!!??!'
Tags: dancing with the stars, sytycd, tv

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