Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars (quick)

I gotta say that Helio is great, but he needs to lose the perma-smile; and as good as he and Julianne are, they don't have that perfect fit that Julianne and Apolo had, but then my Apolianne really were once in a blue moon. Sigh.

I still love Marie and Jane, but I gotta say that Jennie has been sneaking up on me and tonight she just cemented her place in my top faves.

When she got that 10 from Len, I actually whooped with joy. She is doing SUCH a fantastic job and I love Derek's choreography -- not quite as much as Julianne's, but I still love it. She is now the girl I want to win and it's making my frustration with Sabrina even more, well, frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: apolianne, apolo anton ohno, dancing with the stars, julianne hough, tv

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