Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Ugly Betty'

Not much to say, just MY Grey's is back. THIS is the show I fell in love with. Starting with last week's and then tonight's again ... THIS is my show. This is show I had to watch the night it aired. This is the show I just dang enjoyed. I'm liking all the characters again; I'm liking all the stories. I'm not hating Alex; I'm not hating Meredith; I'm not hating on anyone. I'm just enjoying the show.

I'm, of course, loving George/Izzie and I love how they're doing it. They're acknowledging they were wrong; they're trying to do the right thing now, they're trying to not hurt anyone anymore and they're fucked up deliciously so about all of it. And that's cool, I'm fine with that. And I can see it going either way. Of course, I hope for it to be with George/Izzie together, but if it doesn't work out, as long as the show stays like this, I'll still watch. Provided I'm not stuck with George/Callie. They do not work. They. do. not work. They never have. Not from moment one. EVER for me.

Callie and Sloan? Hell, yeah, baby. Bring me some more of that. I've wanted those since before their initial hook-up and the scene tonight with them was delish. (Now if they just cancel Private Practice and get Addison back to Seattle Grace where she belongs, I'll be a happy, happy camper.) Bailey was great, the chief was great, Christina was fucking awesome. And I LOVE Lexie. I love her, love her, love her.


Ugly Betty -- one word: Hysterical.

The first rooftop scene. Between Mark making the thunder sound and Wilhemina's "I'm black, you're Mexican, let's not stand around like dull white people," this scene had me at Betty's "Hello?" LOVED. IT. Of course, I thought the whole episode was grand. Beginning with Betty's breakfast snack domino effect and ending with Henry getting drunk on a wine-cooler. And, of course, Justin interning at Mode sandwiched in between.

Tags: grey's anatomy, tv, ugly betty

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