Arabian (arabian) wrote,

A Marathon of TV-Watching

Just did a ridiculous marathon of TV, boy. Shark, Prison Break, Bones, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty, Biggest Loser, Beauty & the Geek, Kid Nation, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl and Life.

Quick (and I do mean quick) thoughts on each:

Shark - Yay, Santos from Ugly Betty is on this now and his character is good. As is the whole team and interaction. I like this show. It's good, fun pulp.

Prison Break - It's PB, good, pulpy fun. Not much logic, but I enjoy it a heckuva lot. And William Fichtner looks really good in that black tee and halleluja, Bellick got some clothes!!

Bones - Nice return to form, and I like how the relationship was handled with Booth and Bones.

Dirty Sexy Money - Enjoyable, not the best new show, but enjoyable. I liked it a lot. Great, great cast.

Ugly Betty -- It's UB, of course it was great. My only issue was (and yes, I know it was a joke, but still) was HOW FAT Amanda got in three weeks. I know, I know, but I just couldn't let it go. And hee, I recently rewatched the first episode of Cold Case and I totally called Becki Newton playing one of the younger characters in flashbacks (a pre-blonde Newton). Good show, I teared up with the Santos reveal, knew it was coming, but it was still good. And damn, that was a gorgeous wedding dress. I continue to love Daniel/Betty.

Biggest Loser/Beauty & Geek - No favorites yet, I just enjoy watching them. And GO Alison Sweeney!!!!

Kid Nation - Good, but I liked last week better. I still like Mike and Sophia and Michael. Greg, I don't. I wish Emilie had gone. If she had stated at any time that she was a vegetarian, that would have been different but I don't think she did or is, so it was annoying.

Boston Legal - Finally! I think they have a good cast with everyone gelling. FINALLY! It was a fabulous episode, I literally went from laughter to tears. The Denny/Shirley 'sunshine' scene was beautiful. Clarence's head-butt was wonderful. John Larroquette and Tara Summers are wonderful additions. I really loved it.

Grey's Anatomy - I had meant to tape this after deciding to not watch it this season and changing my mind, but had forgotten and figured 'oh well.' And then I read harper47 comment on the final O'Stevens scene (she wasn't happy, but she doesn't like them) and I was 'okay, I'm watching.' So I dl it. I'm glad I did because I thought it was a really, really good episode. Vintage GA. And yes, I loved the last scene. Go O'Stevens!

My Name is Earl - Probably my favorite of the bunch I watched today (of returning shows). It made me laugh and then the ending totally made me cry. I love, love, love, LOVE this show. I truly think that this and How I Met Your Mother are the two best comedies on the air right now. I really enjoy The Office (excellent opener, btw, but I watched that Thursday night so not included), but I think these two are better -- the best right now. Everything about them just soooooo works and they bring the funny brilliantly.

Life - I've heard rumblings that this may not last and that will suck, because while I had no intention in watching it, I just randomly decided to dl it and I'm glad I did because I LOVED it. I think I may have even liked this one better than Terminatior:Sarah Connor Chronicles. Really, really, damn good show. LOVED the lead.
Tags: beauty and the geek, betty/daniel, bones, boston legal, grey's anatomy, kid nation, my name is earl, prison break, tv, ugly betty

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