Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars (9/24-25)

Got around to watching DwtS tonight, so watched both and early thoughts:

Monday (Ladies)

Jennie Garth -- Really good for a first week; I thought she did great and I loved her from the package. Derek is the awesome. So glad they tapped him for this season.

Josie Maran -- Cute, potential, but she needs work. But she's cute. And Alec is HOT!

Sabrina Ryan --She was AMAZING! For a first week!! Damn, girl had the moves. I wish they hadn't done the hip-hop if only because I think it actually threw them off. A bit TOO perky, but eh.

Marie Osmond -- LOVE HER!! LOVE HER!! She was cheeky and classy and fun and funny and awesome. LOVE HER!

Mel B -- Sigh, I really wanted to like her because she and Maks were ADORABLE in the package, but alas, I was kinda bored by the routine. Sigh.

Jan Seymour -- Came into this loving her and Marie Osmond. Neither disappointed. I thought she was lovely and just utterly delightful.

Tuesday (Gentlemen)

Cameron Mathison -- He's a little too loose and broad, but he has potential

Floyd Mayweather -- He was fast, very controlled, but (excuse the pun) punched it too much. I think he has potential; he certainly has rhythm.

Helio Castroneves -- Okay, first ... JULIANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so, so nice seeing her again. Yes, of course, I miss Apolo, but I did love Julianne too so it was great seeing her. I thought he (they) did a lovely job, he has a natural grace and charm and Julianne's choreography again shines. Woohoo!!!

Albert Reed -- Yeah, that hip action. He's not that good. But maybe if he sticks around (and I think he might if Josie goes), he'll improve.

Mark Cuban -- I actually thought he did a lovely job. I was annoyed that he was constantly singing, but was amused at the song chosen for the billionaire.

Wayne -- Oy. Not good at all. Sadly, I think he was the worst. Charming, but oy.

So overall, the worst were Wayne, Albert and Josie -- but compared to the bad in previous seasons? They're actualy not as bad as the worst, and I think (except for Wayne) show potential. We'll see.

My early faves are Marie, Jane, Helio (JULIANNE!!!)

I have to say that I think this is THE best group of dancers they've yet to get. Seriously. The weakest ones (erm, other than the last dancer of the night) at least have potential. So good casting job.

Sigh, I miss Apolo (and PAULINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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