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Survivor: China (Spoilers)

So, yay, Survivor's back and, boo!, I still miss Ozzy. Dang, why can't he just come out and participate in every challenge, he can switch teams each week. That would work for me. I can't wait until the next all-stars: Ozzy, Yul, Jonathan, Yau-man -- could it GET any better than that foursome? I don't think so.

Anyhoo, about tonight. I'm just commenting on the players I remember, with so many right now, it ain't many. I will say ...

Thank God, Chicken went. Seriously, Chicken? It's all about the friggin' attitude. So what if Ashley was sick one day, at least she wasn't making every one feel like an idiot and being all holier than thou because she could do something desperately needed by the tribe and yet chose NOT TO HELP!!! Ugh. Seriously, dude, A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!!!!!!!!! So, no need to say more about Chicken. On with the rest I remember.

- Ashley ... I was surprised by how much I liked pro-wrestler chick. And is it sad that had this been during the Rock/Kurt Angle glory days of the WWE, I would soooooooooo have known who she was? (Seriously, I had about six tapes of my favorite "storylines" on tape). Still, I liked her attitude and think she's cool so far.

- Eric ... Cutie-patootie Nashville singer. Yeah, I'm shallow. He's hot and has not revealed himself to be an ass yet.

- Dave ... Eh.

- Pei Gee ... Absolutely exquisite looking. Personality? Needs adjustment in Survivor land. If she don't watch it, she's gonna turn people against her quickly. I have hope that once she settles in the groove, she'll get better. We'll see.

- Frosti ... Seriously, Frosti!?!? Come on! Eh, he's okay.

- Todd ... Gay Mormon Flight Attendant!! LOVE. Seriously, he's tied as my favorite right now. "That's a looot of money." It certainly helps that in my flight attendant years, I knew a few like him. He's smart; he's sharp and I think we'll get some great one-liners from him.

- James ... And here's the the one he's tied with. Hubba, hubba. (Did I mention that I was shallow?) And he just has a quiet, commanding grace about him. I really, really, REALLY like him.

- Leslie ... I was a bit miffed by her walking out at first, thinking she wasn't being very respectful, but then her attitude with James, helping him and what-not, I found quite, well, Christian.

- Courtney ... Now she WAS rude, very disrespectful and her New Yorker attitude is not giving New Yorkers a remotely good name (of course, maybe that's a compliment? Any NYers on my flist care to correct me?). Yeah, so don't like her.

So right now those are the ones that stood out, good or bad. We'll see how my faves change. I will say that Ozzy and Yul were my faves after the first episode of S:Cook Islands (yes, I know S:Fiji came after that, but I don't think I liked anyone but Y-M enough after the first episode to even comment. Of course, I was still mourning Ozzy.) so I'll be surprised if these change.
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