Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Top Chef & ANTM and EJami (Days)

Ah, reality shows. Just a few (and I mean FEW comments, for reals!)

Top Chef - I can't believe my Malarkey is still in the running! Go Malarkey. Of course, I'm sure it will be Hung/Casey final two, but yay for Malarkey.

ANTM - I like the Asberger's girl. I thought her beach photo was gorgeous.

- I can NOT believe that the blonde, happy Mila chick made it over Marvita (?) and Jennifer (Boston chick). Seriously!??!

- There looked like some actual model possibilities in the bunch. Surprise, surprise.

EJami/Days - I'm setting up a board for them. I envision a small board with lots of good, meaty discussion, so if there are any (other Marikenobi, hee) Days/EJami fans on my flist. Let me know if you're interested and I'll be sure to post the address. (It should be all set up tomorrow.)
Tags: amnt, ejami, top chef, tv

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