Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The good and bad about the Emmys

For those who haven't watched it and plan to, I will put this behind a cut.


- Colbert losing to Bennett. Damnit, what must he do to win? And what the hell is wrong with the academy? A one-time show should NOT be in the same category as a show with multiple original episodes.

- The lame-ass circular stage that only favored part of the audience.

- Hayden P's dress. The skirt had WAY too much fabric.

- The presence of La Bell.


- Colbert losing to Bennet. Boy, oh, boy is he going to milk this, but good!!

- The testimonials about Steve Carell from his cast.

- Katherine Heigl's presentation (damn straight, she corrected her name and she wasn't a bitch about it, she acknowledged it was a hard name) and her win!! Woohoo!! LOVE HER!!!!

- The Rainn Wilson/Kanye West bit.

- Colbert/Stewart "giving" the Emmy to their friend Steve Carell and the ensuing on-stage celebration. BEST MOMENT EVER!!!

- James Spader winning! YES!!! I simply did not expect him to win at all. And when he did? I jumped out of my seat and did the happy dance because as far as I'm concerned, he pretty much deserves to win every year. Jason Dohring is my favorite actor right now (television and film) and I think he's one of the best actors I've ever had the pleasure of watching, but James Spader? Hands down is the best actor on television right now. What that man can do! Wow. And anyone bitching about Gandolfini or Laurie not winning, I honestly think the vast majority of them simply do not or have not ever watched the brilliance of Spader on BL, because his excellence is just unmatched. The man is amazing and I'm so, so thrilled that he won.

ETA: Hee, it was a totally a typo, but my cut accidentally left "the presence of a certain person" in the open under bad. Hee.
Tags: emmys, tv

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