Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TV-Related Trivia, Part Deux

So I came up with another ten questions of TV-related trivia, so here goes.

1. What dropped character trait was not quite dropped yet from Logan in the Veronica Mars Pilot?

2. What is unique about Friday Night Light's directing technique?

3. What producer of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer appeared in which episode of the show doing what?

4. What former primetime actor was offered a regular role on Farscape after his one-episode stint on the show, but turned it down to join an American soap opera?

5. What X-Files episode was aired only once Fox network, and never rerun on the network?

6. What are the names of the Jim/Pam counterparts in the original British version of The Office, and what American show did British "Pam" have a recurring role on?

7. What is off about the Scrubs opening credits?

8. Who was originally cast in the roles of Nora and Kevin on Brothers & Sisters?

9. Which cast members appeared in every episode of Joan of Arcadia but the pilot?

10. Who was the first character to say C.J.'s non-initialed name in which episode? (Bonus: What is C.J.'s full name?)
Tags: meme, tv

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